3 Essential Tips to successfully integrate your brand into the Brazilian influencers market

Brazilian influencers market

Brazilians influencers market all began with Orkut in 2008. Created by Google employee Orkut Büyükkökten, Orkut had such a large user base (more than 50%) in Brazil that it was eventually fully operated and managed there. According to GlobalWebIndex, Brazilians spend approximately 9 hours online every day with at least 3 hours on social media. This lead to them becoming the 2nd most prominent nationality on Instagram and 3rd  on Facebook.

With a humongous reach and active engagement, it’s no wonder that international brands are clamouring to enter the Brazilian influencers market. We have compiled 3 essential tips below for you to know before you create the best influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

After rapid growth in the past three years Brazil is one of the biggest influencer markets: Here Juliana promotes a beauty brand near a hotel pool.

The Brazilian influencer market is massive

Influencers often utilize their large following to launch their own brand products and participate in relevant advertisements or brand collaborations. Knowing your influencer’s brand will help in gauging the alignment of their values and your brand’s values. This helps immensely in engaging with your brand audience through the influencer’s intimate relationship with theirs.

Opportunities are endless as Brazilian consumers love recommendations coming from influencers they trust. This is the result of genuine and organic content being created – the popularity of Brazilian influencers could easily rival celebrities with their own fan clubs!

Brazilian influencers are known for engaging communities, here you can see the fans of Lukas (Rasta-look, white t-shirt).

A conscious and considerate personality, for influencers and brands alike, are very important for consumers. Brands need to be associated with supporting inclusivity and diversity worldwide, and the best way to do it is to chime in on the following trending topics:

  • Sustainability
    Being the richest country in plant diversity and known for its abundance of animal life, Brazil’s tragic Amazon forest fires put a spotlight on sustainability. Influencers speaking out, donating and raising awareness for nature, part of Brazil’s pride, is highly encouraged and even expected of.
  • Beauty & Lifestyle
    Brazilians love their style and to express themselves in beauty and fashion. Brazilians are looking to work for the most genuine, ‘best version of themselves’. A stereotypical Brazilian’s healthy lifestyle means organic food plans with daily workouts. Interest in vegetarianism and veganism also increase in order to support sustainability.
  • Female Empowerment
    Lastly, Brazil’s organized
    feminist movement is one of the most effective. Latin America is known for being conservative, with equality between sexes as a main topic of debate across European countries. Female empowerment is frequently discussed by Brazilian influencers as speaking out about prejudice and human rights bring about constructive attitudes with modern consumers.

The importance of understanding Brazil’s diverse culture

Brazil’s multiculturalism means that each state has its own culture. With Brazil being the only Latin American country to speak Portuguese, English remains a less common language among Brazilians. Due to Brazil’s giant population (210 million), the tiers of influencers can drastically differ to European ones. A Brazilian micro-influencer can easily have an approximate following of 100k.
Advertisers should research and understand their target demographics before launching a campaign with their chosen Influencers. Familiarising with your target audience’s accents, slang and lifestyle can create a huge impact, even when engaging a micro-influencer.

With almost 250K followers Eduarda is still considered a micro/mid influencer in Brazil. She is one of many parenting influencers in Brazil, learn here more about the characteristics of Brazil’s influencers.

Be constantly aware of Brazil’s economic and political situation

This is crucial as the unpredictability of current events will impact the outcome of your brand campaigns. Choosing the wrong timing to launch (i.e. in an unstable economy with riots, protests, or strikes) could bring about huge backlash and be seen as culturally insensitive. For international brands that want to enter and launch campaigns in Brazil, timing is the key factor to the success of your brand launch. Your consideration of the country’s issues and brand content will be relevant to your brand personality and how it will be perceived.

Rio de Janeiro, source: Pedro Menezes

Bold Creators Club can help in your Brazilian influencers’ marketing campaign

We are aware that it’s hard to keep an overview in a foreign country, maybe not even speaking the Portuguese language.
This is why we don’t charge for an initial consulting session (15 minutes) to give you a better understanding of the opportunities and threats for your brand in the rapidly growing Brazilian market.

With these 3 tips in mind, be sure to work out your perfect marketing strategy for your international brand launch into Brazil!
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