Jade Picon: Does wealth ensures her career success?

The obsession with Jade’s expressions amongst Brazilian users is prevalent on the platform, where they constantly use them as meme images. In addition to the memes, the internet has also seen a growth in the impressions of her TV performance, resulting in a massive engagement rate. As a multi-talented individual, she is not just a model, but also a well-known influencer and successful businesswoman who is highly active on the internet and in her professional life.

Jade’s social media presence is notorious and she has currently 21,7M followers on Instagram, 9.7M followers on TikTok, and over 2M on her YouTube channel.

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Jade Picon’s picture on Instagram

Wellborn’s life: growing up in stardom

She was born in São Paulo, the daughter of an agricultural and businessman. She is the younger sister of known influencer Leo Picon. From a young age, Jade embarked on her career as a photo model. As a 9-year-old, she made her first television appearance in commercials. With her early success, financial independence came early too – at just 13 years old – thanks to her work on the internet.

Her brother played an important role in involving her on the internet. He created her Instagram account in 2012, and by then she had started to get known. She took this Instagram account idea as just a hobby and would use the platform to just record her daily life, and share photos.

She revealed that during her childhood, she created an ‘alter ego’ named Bianca. She would use this persona to answer emails from potential partners, posing as her own manager.

Jade also got herself involved in a romance that left the entire internet wide-eyed, with the actor and also influencer João Guilherme (16M on Instagram). Their story started in 2018. Jade had returned from an exchange program in Europe and met him during a party. The chemistry was such that Jade even was the cover of both of João’s singles “Batom de Cereja” and in “Manhã“.

This is how I want to remember us, my first love, and I feel that to keep this memory, this is the time for us to go our separate ways. You came into my life to teach me how to love and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. thanks for all the moments, kisses, laughs, trips, and our history that we spent these 3 years together. I wish you all the best, I love you.

Jade Picon’s post about her relationship’s end on Instagram.

Big Brother Brazil, meme culture and actress career

When she was announced to be a part of Big Brother Brazil’s 2021 edition, her name just got stuck in the trending topics. Her time in the house was a hot topic of discussion and kept people talking throughout the season.

Her participation in “Big Brother Brazil” also sparked discussions on Twitter, with many people curious about how the wealthy influencer would adjust to life in the house and handle household chores. This generated a flood of memes and further increased her popularity and notoriety on the internet.

Jade Picon’s reputation as a young and wealthy businesswoman and millionaire only added to the buzz around her appearance on “Big Brother Brazil”. People jokingly compared the show’s cash prize to the amount she typically charges for an Instagram Story partnership, given her extravagant lifestyle.

People were fascinated by Jade’s experience of living a more modest lifestyle during her time on “Big Brother Brazil”. They were eager to see how she would handle everyday tasks, such as eating an egg sandwich or cutting vegetables for dinner. The idea of a millionaire adapting to a less luxurious lifestyle was a source of entertainment on the internet.

Although Jade didn’t win “Big Brother Brazil”, her time on the show allowed her to gain wider recognition and attention. This led to her being hired by Globo, who gave her the opportunity to showcase her talents as an actress. According to Extra, she was hired by Globo with a monthly salary of BRL 60K (approximately USD 12K).

She has put in a lot of hard work and dedication into this project and is now playing the lead antagonist, Chiara, in the soap opera “Travessia“.

Her portrayal of Chiara in “Travessia” has also inspired a popular TikTok filter that gives users blue eyes and facial features similar to hers. The filter is accompanied by audio from one of her scenes in the soap opera. The audio features her character saying “Dad, did you talk to Talita about taking that boy to the company?”

Her rise to fame and acting opportunities have sparked debates about whether her success is due to her wealth and influence or her actual talent. The internet has become divided over her acting skills and whether she was a suitable choice for the role in “Travessia”.

Despite the divided opinions, she has shown that she is not one to be easily discouraged. She has even embraced the jokes and memes surrounding her character by making fun of Chiara’s theme song. People have used videos featuring her picture and the theme song as a meme.

Big name in the business industry

She is known for sharing fashion, travel, beauty, makeup, and lifestyle tips on social media. With the success, Jade started to make collaborations with clothing brands, besides working as a model, participating in campaigns for big brand. With this in mind, she decided to create her own clothing brand, JadeJade in 2021.

During its launch, the brand faced some controversy regarding the price of its pieces. Despite criticism from some internet users, the Jade² catalog offers a range of tops, cropped tops, dresses, and other items with prices ranging from BRL 90 to BRL 260 (approximately USD 18 to USD 52).

Jade Picon made a bold transformation in by debuting platinum hair, which quickly caught the attention of her followers. In a video revealing her new look, she received over 3.5M views in just six hours. According to the digital edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, L’Oréal Paris paid a substantial sum of BRL 300K (approximately USD 60K) for the 19-year-old influencer to bleach her previously black hair.

Her financial success has been widely reported. According to calculations made by Brunch and published on Elas que lacrem website, the young millionaire earns an estimated BRL 1.1M (approximately USD 220K) per month solely from her Instagram account, not including her modeling work for major brands in the market.

Jade Picon is a highly talked-about figure in the public eye. Despite frequent discussions about her abilities, there’s no denying that she is a major influence on the internet.

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