Loma: From one-hit wonder to being one of the greatest influencers in 2022!

Paloma Santos or MC Loma is a famous Brazilian singer and social media star. She got famous overnight with the hit song ”Envolvimento” and recently went viral again by sharing funny and potential meme materials on the internet, at the moment she has more than 12.8M followers on Instagram.

Shouting ”Cebruthius” at the start of her songs got stuck in the public’s minds. Loma explained this and various slang and inside jokes, but we’re going to check on that later in the article.

Loma Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Loma on Instagram

How did this innocent idea ”involve” the whole internet?

2018: From 0 to 5M:

Loma got echoing feedback due to the song’s release; the project was released on January 21st, 2018, and by the end of the following month, she hit her first milestone, 1M followers on Instagram. Until the end of 2018, she accumulated 5M followers on the platform. The Influencer captivated astonishing 416k followers per month.

The title of the song ”Envolvimento” means ‘involvement”, and the lyrics are quite simple, with a nice catchy mood to them. The song lyrics repeat themselves, in an appealing way that the person listening to it would get involved by her dance skills.

The first version of the music video got a quite chaotic atmosphere, she was late for a party and didn’t have money to call a taxi, a guy riding a bike appears and she asks if she can pay him 2 BRL (0.38 USD) for a ride, she gets to the ”party” and starts dancing. At some point, she gets into the bathroom dancing with two twin sisters that are also part of Loma’s girl group and the three girls started twerking in the front of a car.

Loma Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
MC Loma’s tutorial video on how to recreate her iconic neon make-up

Regional slangs and inside jokes explanation:

  • Xexeiro: A person who borrows things and doesn’t give it back.
  • Escama é só de peixe!: The literal translation is ”scale is only for fish!”, back in Pernambuco, the word ”Escamoso” (scaly) is used as slang that thugs usually call themselves. To make fun of that, she used to yell at them ”Escama é só de peixe”, it eventually became a permanent signature at the start of her songs.
  • Cebruthius: Loma had a stereo, and when turned on it would play the phrase “The Bluetooth device is ready to pair”, she could only understand ”Cebruthius”. Later on, she dropped the stereo and broke it, and since then, she has always ”paid homage” to the device in her songs.
  • Pirangueiro: A greedy person.

By the age of 15, Paloma didn’t expect to have this much feedback on her project; the whole process of writing took around two days and the video recording was done in less than 24 hours.

Celebrities such as Anitta and Solange Almeida got involved in the fun trend and even sang it during their shows. The original video was recorded on a simple camera, with her friends. The singer wore neon make-up and started dancing on her street.

The influencer said that the project was just a joke between her friends, and didn’t even consider uploading it on the internet. The one responsible for the song creation and lyrics writing was one of the twins (gêmeas lacração).
Paloma said that the process of recording was quite unusual, she got herself inside Mirella’s wardrobe, got her earphone, and started to record herself, then a friend helped Loma to get a better recording quality, and offered her to record in his studio, she sneaked out of her house to get it done.
With a creative direction, a limited budget, and her best friends ‘Gemêas Lacração’, they broke the internet in 2018 with the hit song ”Envolvimento”.
During the song promotions, MC Loma’s Instagram account got 6.5M followers.

The old version of the song, with an amateur touch and spontaneous vibe.

The song got so famous that the producer KondZilla helped and released a new version with a polished and professional finish. The producer and owner of the company with the same name worked with big projects in the music industry such as Mc Fioti – Bum Bum Tam Tam (1.7B views on YouTube), MC Kevinho – Olha a Explosão (1.1B views on YouTube), MC Kekel and MC Rita – Amor de Verdade (734M views on YouTube).
KondZilla’s channel has more than 36B views in total on youtube.

After getting the ball rolling, the song got on Spotify’s top 50 and reached over 300M views on YouTube.

Being legally prohibited from singing for not studying

With the first hit Loma got herself a manager and managed to release a lot of songs and to attend to various concerts. She kept this pace for two months, some of the songs that got released during that time were ”Treme Treme” or ”Não se Apaixona”.

Even though they had a supply of songs, they still had to perform ”Envolvimento” due to public requests and the lack of a longer repertory. Even though the first success brought the first money the girl group kept their live low-bugdet: They had to be their own fashion stylist, make-up artists and had to choose their main aesthetics on spot during the shows.
All of this lead to Loma, a minor at that time, not proceeding with her school activities anymore.

The manager didn’t communicate well with the group; the shows were getting canceled, and the reason behind it wasn’t clear. The cancellations turned out to be related to Loma’s absence from school.
The Conselho Tutelar (Guardianship Council), had to intervene since she wasn’t studying and was doing shows at an unhealthy speed, their manager did handle to dodge some legal issues for some time but eventually, Loma had to stop.

Due to the influencer’s busy schedule, launching a lot of songs, and constantly attending shows, it came to the public’s attention that she couldn’t conciliate her professional lifestyle with her student life.
After it, she eventually was able to come up with a solution to keep studying to graduate.

Loma Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
”A word of advice for all of you who have dreams to fulfill. School is essential. It is important to keep your feet on the ground, honor God first, and honor your father and mother, and victory will come.”
Source/@mclomaofficial on Instagram

Issues with Loma’s former manager

Loma Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
A picture of MC Loma, the twins, and their back dancers.

The school wasn’t Loma’s only problem – her own team was not reliable. In particular, the manager has proven to be a threat to the girl group. The payments wouldn’t match their frenetic schedule; the manager wasn’t transparent about their total earnings, and Instagram became their main source of income; they would rely more on it than show payments.

Their former manager was in control of the Loma group’s Instagram password, so when the group decided to part ways with the manager, he hacked the fan accounts that were helping the girls to spread the dark truth behind their management. The singer revealed that their official accounts suffered from hacking attempts by the former staff.

According to Loma,” Soon we found out we had to ask for a contract annulment, it was crazy! We felt like we were living in a movie, and they hacked our fan accounts which were trying to help”.

Pandemic: Single motherhood while being forced to stop doing shows, how did she handle it?

After she got rid of school- and management-related problems the next big challenge for Loma’s career was yet to come. The pandemic caught everyone by surprise, especially artists like her; she had to cancel a lot of plans, not only due to the risk of the influenza virus but also because she was pregnant.

Being a single mother isn’t an easy task, without mentioning having to deal with the stress of a worldwide pandemic, But she wasn’t alone in this mission, her coworkers (Gêmeas Lacração) would consistently visit Loma to bring up the atmosphere. Soon the internet found out that the singer was also a spontaneous influencer.

The whole internet got the eyes on her and everyday life during the pandemic; she gained more than +5M followers on her account around 2021, peaking at 11.8M on Instagram in 2022; this amazing performance was due to the entertaining way of delivering and registration of her routine as a single mother.

The public felt intimate with her struggles and how she showed that family can come in all shapes and sizes, with her twins frequently making sure that she wasn’t alone in her parenthood, during the good and obviously, bad times.

Loma Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Paloma and her friends during a barbecue party at the influencer’s house were playing a game in a reality show format ”Joga na rodinha”.

2022: From 6M to 11.5M:

Loma Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Her Instagram account growth chart.

Delivering funny contents and entertaining the public with daily-life situations:

During the pandemic, Paloma had to stay at home like everyone else, although the difficulty of getting to work as she used to, she had to adapt, and even pregnant, she was able to deliver entertaining content and helped millions of people that were under the lockdown.

Loma Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Loma crying after getting ”trolled” on the internet

The influencer wanted to prank a friend; she watched a video tutorial that implied that she could change someone’s account name by editing her own account username. She wanted to change her friend’s account to “O cornão de Maraca” (Maraca’s cuckold), Loma edited and obviously, it didn’t work, she ended up setting her username as “O cornão de Maraca”.

Loma turned out to be the one ”trolled” and wasn’t allowed to change her username for 15 days; the influencer breaks down in tears, and yells, afraid she would lose most of her collaborative work. The influencer exclaimed that she wouldn’t know how to explain that to potential job offers and was most afraid of contract breaches due to the username change.

The stories went viral as usual and her pictures got spread on the internet as reaction images, the tag ”O CORNÃO DE MARACA” got into the top 15 in twitter’s trending topics.

” To everyone that formed a partnership with me, please don’t terminate the contract, because I already spent all the money! ” comments the influencer.

True friendship and chosen family: This humble way made the public fall in love with her

She started to get emotional at how far she got and how blessed she was to have such an amazing family and supportive friends, that charmed the internet, showing Loma’s true colors and how she kept humble even after all this time.

Subsequently, she gave birth to her baby Melanie, who both of the twins also helped to take care of. Loma and the Twins live in the same building, so they’re constantly recording Instagram stories to update their followers about their daily lives.

The biggest difference between that 15-year-old Loma and the current one was that she initially got famous overnight due to a unique and funny song. And on another hand, the current one built, her Fanclub and got followers organically.

Loma went from a relatively young new artist to a mainstream influencer, by being down-to-earth, humble, and goofy when their friends are around, she can support financially her family while making the internet a happier place.


  • Total Followers: 12.8M
  • Date of Birth: October 29th, 2002
  • Instagram: @mclomaofficial
  • Born in: Pernambuco, Brazil
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio (♏︎)

Source/@mclomaofficial on Instagram

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