Lucas Inutilismo: Connecting musical tribes through a funk playlist?

Lucas Inutilismo is a well-known YouTuber, instrumentalist, and singer who achieved the quite hard task of making metal mainstream again. He was able to develop a strategy that made it a possibility, in this article you’re gonna understand how he made a lot of people with different tastes in music become one.

Lucas has a loyal fanbase on the internet, with almost 5M subscribers on Youtube, 2.8M followers on Instagram, and 2.6M on Twitter.

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Lucas Inutilismo on Instagram

Youtuber career: The start

Lucas Vinicius da Silva, better known as ‘Lucas Inutilismo’, was born in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2015, his first piece of content posted on the internet was a video titled ‘UM FILHO IRRITANTE’ (an annoying son), which had a simple formula. Lucas recorded his mom shopping on his PC and, with a serious voice, asked her obvious questions to annoy her.

As the video progresses, the influencer decides to constantly follow her around, keeping his voice tone in character, questioning every single action she is doing. From scaring her with a horn to a quite specific game titled ”Guess the object I have on my hands and I won’t throw a Bologna piece at your face!”, the video got 12M views on YouTube.

Lucas became known for his ability to think outside the box and create content in various genres. One of his well-known projects is ‘Quintas com Luquitas’ (Thursdays with Luquitas), in which he discusses a variety of topics, such as carnival, movies, and memes.

He even teamed up with comedian Matheus Canella in a few episodes to interact with his hilarious ideas. With a total of 7 episodes, ‘Quintas com Luquitas’ has got over 12M views on YouTube.

I ended up going into several areas, I’ve always been very active, so I created various YouTube channels.

Lucas on his interview for The Noite a famous Brazilian late night show

Multi-talented instrumentalist

Lucas’s talents extend beyond just creating entertaining content. He is also a talented instrumentalist, showcasing his skills in various videos throughout his channels. Whether he’s entertaining his viewers with silly guitar riffs or drumming away in between videos, Lucas’s musical talent shined for his followers.

Lucas revealed with a secondary channel how this love for music started. At 9, he received a guitar as an heirloom for his grandfather, he would just play it for fun, but it was enough to spark his passion for music.

In 2006, Lucas formed his first band with his cousin, titled ”Devil Children”, without even realizing the real meaning behind this name, it was just a fun thing between kids. Lucas’ parents saw this growing potential and bought him an electric guitar that he haves until today.

As a teenager, Lucas continued to develop his passion for music, and at the age of 14, he and his friends formed a band called “Obscurun” while in school. During this time, he became more serious about his musical ambitions and began writing and composing his own songs. One of his earliest compositions was a full song titled “In the Path of Darkness.”

Bringing Heavy-metal to the mainstream space

In 2019, Lucas decided to create a special project to capture the post-pandemic period. He wanted to make a record of the events and the feelings people were experiencing during that time, so he came up with a unique idea.

He played a lot of different instruments and sang popular songs from 2019, putting them all together into one single song. The project was called ”2019 em uma música” (2019 in One Song).

The result was amazing, and people loved it, he shined through in his performance, and he captured the emotions of that year perfectly. The project was received that it received 7M views, he decided to make it a tradition, and he released similar videos annually until 2022.

Once again, he used his musical skills and creative vision to capture the essence of the year, the videos released so far have in total 45,5M views.

The influencer has created a sensation with his YouTube series “Minha Playlist de Funk”, where he adds a unique twist by playing popular funk songs in the rhythm of rock n roll/heavy metal. The series has been a huge hit, and he’s been touring Brazil with his band, performing at quickly sold-out shows in different cities.

Lucas believes in breaking down prejudices and bringing audiences together, and his project “Minha Playlist de Funk” is the tool for this achievement. To bring this energy to live performances, Lucas assembled a band of heavyweight musicians, including a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and keyboardist.

The band’s schedule promises a unique fusion of funk with heavy metal, which promises to be an unforgettable experience for music lovers.

Lucas Inutilismo didn’t want to limit himself to his comfort zone, and he decided to take a big step forward in his music career. He aimed to do more than just adapt existing songs, he wanted to attract a brand new audience to the heavy metal genre and create a sense of unity among different musical tribes.

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