Luva de Pedreiro is the boy you always wanted to be

Are you a TikTok user? Chances are you’ve come across the phrase “Receba!” while scrolling through your feed. This iconic line was created by the Brazilian content creator Luva de Pedreiro, who got known for his viral catchphrases and impressive free-kicking abilities. But that’s not all there is to this talented person – keep scrolling to learn more about Luva de Pedreiro and see why he quickly became an internet star.

Luva has 20M followers on Instagram and 22M on TikTok, sharing videos related to free-kicking, soccer matches, and by yelling his catchphrases.

Luva de Pedreiro Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Source: Luva de Pedreiro on Twitter

Straight outta Bahia

The influencer was born in the poor rural community of Quijingue, in the northeastern state of Bahia. Historically, this Brazilian state has faced challenges in participating in official soccer competitions. Despite restrictions imposed by elite clubs, local soccer players like Luva did not give up on the sport. Unfortunately, this context continues to impact aspiring soccer players from low-income areas.

The content creator always dreamt of being a professional soccer player; it was stated by him that the country in which he was raised had the resources to support his dream. But unfortunately, he just didn’t have any opportunities at that time.

The fact that he wore bricklayer’s gloves as if they were soccer gloves was his signature since he couldn’t buy the real ones, and despite people making fun of him, he reclaimed the meaning and called himself ”luva de pedreiro” (bricklayer’s gloves).

His recognizable mid-range shot, his stance, the time he takes to get to the ball, and the effect of the ball entering the goal with no room for error are all distinguishing features. This is how he presents himself in the videos he uploads on the web.

The formula: love for soccer, a camera, and enthusiasm

His content on social media consisted of short videos of free kicks or soccer matches with his friends on an improvised soccer field in a rural area. He often shouted “receba!” or expressed gratitude to God by shouting “Obrigado Deus!” to celebrate. These simple, relatable videos resonated with people, and contributed to his popularity, getting easily over 5M views per video.

Luva, gained fame thanks to the support of Vasco’s fan club. The fans shared his videos as niche memes, helping him rise his fame outside the Fanclub. This relatable content, which was simple yet effective, caught the attention of everyone. Luva represents a group of children who once dreamt of becoming professional soccer players on well-known teams.

People from all around the world tried to recreate Luva’s videos, even if they had trouble pronouncing the word “Receba” correctly. Luva’s content was also well received abroad, and his enthusiasm helped to overcome the language barrier.

Foreign fans would yell “euséba” without even knowing what it meant. The funniest part was that, because the videos were so simple, the audience only understood Luva’s specific lines. This led TikTok users to nickname him “euséba”. The TikTok star’s content was so popular overseas that people made their interpretations of his clips, wearing all sorts of gloves, including cleaning gloves, goalkeeper gloves, and even no gloves.

Luva de Pedreiro Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Source: Luva de Pedreiro on Twitter

Luva’s goal-scoring technique: a few steps back to prepare, a powerful strike on the ball, and a successful goal. Right after comes the part that his public was looking forward to, the celebration. After running and getting down on his knees, the TikTok star commemorates by pointing towards the sky and emotionally thanking God. If they are wearing their favorite team’s shirt (Vasco), they will kiss the emblem.

The audience was drawn to him because of his yell, “Receba!” and his construction gloves, which are also the meaning of his name, “Luva de Pedreiro.” With a big smile and a big heart, he represents the dreams of young Brazilians who love soccer and aspire to become players, even if they come from humble beginnings and face challenges such as a lack of resources.

Take-off: honors, follower growth

Luva de Pedreiro’s growth chart

The 20-year-old, unable to play professionally, decided to create videos as a way to financially support his family. The TikToker with over 20M followers on Instagram and 21.8M on TikTok, made his way to be one of the biggest names in sports as a soccer influencer.

In March 2021, the influencer experienced a significant increase in his TikTok following, growing from 4.9M followers to 12.5M. This growth can be attributed to his viral video tribute to Brazilian soccer star Neymar. The professional soccer player even reposted the video, causing a buzz in the soccer community as well as adding another 7.6M followers to his account.

Now: Style of the videos, campaigns with brands, partnerships with celebrities

Luva de Pedreiro Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Source: Luva de Pedreiro on Twitter

Still, in 2022, Luva signed an exclusive contract with sport-focused fashion brand Adidas as a new ambassador. Before joining the Adidas family, the influencer expressed excitement about signing a contract that would have a significant impact on his life.

The influencer announced the sponsorship on his Youtube channel, with over 1.2M views, Luva shared his achievement with happiness, and the notice got well received by the fans that were happy for him to get into this huge brand in the department.

Rumors suggest that the contract terms for this individual are similar to those of soccer star Lionel Messi, although specific financial details have not been disclosed. Adidas is also a sponsor of the World Cup, and Luva’s involvement has been confirmed.

Luva de Pedreiro has recently been chosen as one of the faces of Pepsi’s new advertisement and project called “Nutmeg.” In this project, the TikTok star has collaborated with renowned soccer stars such as Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and Ronaldinho Gaucho. The advertisement video, which is two minutes in length, features the influencer alongside the soccer stars in dramatic moments on the field. As is his signature style, Luva de Pedreiro uses his catchphrase “receba” throughout the video.

This advertisement is a trailer for a movie produced by Pepsi, which claims that it will “stop the world” upon its release. At the moment, the video has gained approximately 6M views on YouTube, there’s a shorter trailer that got 10M views on the platform.

Luva de Pedreiro Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Source: Luva de Pedreiro on Twitter

Luva de Pedreiro, originally starting as a meme, has become Amazon’s cover boy and will be featured in commercials promoting the Brazil Cup broadcasts on Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service.

To attract a larger audience and stand out among the competition, Amazon hired the content creator Luva de Pedreiro to promote the information that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 matches would be available on their streaming service. This strategy helped to raise awareness and ensure that the public knew they could watch soccer matches on Amazon.

As the World Cup was set to be broadcast on various channels and streaming platforms, it was important for Amazon to differentiate itself and reach its target audience. Luva likes to keep his fans update through his channel, and naturally he released a video to celebrate his first ever TV commercial, the video got more than 800K views on his youtube channel.

The estimated value of the contract with the streaming platform was approximately BRL 1M (equivalent to USD 188K). Due to the problems with the manager, Luva was not by far wealthy as we estimated him to be and comes out following his statement that he only had a balance of BRL 7.5K (equivalent to USD 1.4K) in his bank account.  

Problems with former manager

Luva de Pedreiro Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Source: Luva de Pedreiro on Instagram

Naturally, Luva couldn’t sit down and do nothing, so in July, Luva publicly announced issues with his manager, Allan Jesus, claiming that Allan was not fulfilling his financial obligations for advertising contracts and even supposedly blocked Luva’s access to TikTok. This dispute between the two ultimately led to the end of their professional partnership.

“What’s up, my people? Everybody is thinking that I have been hacked. I was not hacked, no. I deleted the videos and really stopped, guys. I am going to live my normal life, quietly, that way. The team I am with are (sic) the best in the world, all good intended people, they are a part of my family. But this was my decision to stop. The brands that I am with, I will finish the jobs that I closed with the brands, but after this, I won’t make any more videos. Only the best, receba! Thank God, Father.” – Luva de Pedreiro

Upon the expiration of his contract with his former manager, the former soccer player, and current manager Falcão assumed responsibility for Luva’s career. In response to the influencer’s announcement of the end of his career, Falcão left a supportive comment on Instagram, saying, “My friend, take some time to rest and live your life as you see fit. You have our full support. Remember that you bring joy to so many people.”

Even though his managerial relationship has ended, Luva still has active endorsement deals with Pepsi and Amazon that were established while he was under the management of his former manager.

Although Luva still has obligations to fulfill under these contracts, he has recently become affiliated with new management under former futsal player Falcão, which could lead to a fresh start for his professional life once he resolves these matters.

Career Highlight: the first Brazilian influencer to participate in the Golden Ball ceremony and the World cup

The objective of the event is to award the best player, the best player, the best goalkeeper (Yashin Trophy), and the best young player (Kepa Trophy), the event was in Châtelet Theater in Paris, France. This marked his first international trip.

The influencer also got to be in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, during which he produced content for the brands he has contracts with.

Despite facing language barriers, Luva de Pedreiro used his charisma to connect with American influencer IShowSpeed and created humorous content and potential memes for the internet. The two had fun over their shared love for the official World Cup games.
During a memorable moment, Speed noticed that Luva could only say the word “Receive” and commented that he sounded like a robot.

Before the match began, the influencers filmed a video which they yelled their catchphrases and literally started to bark at each other. Speed, who is a fan of the song “Parado no Bailão” by MCs L Da Vinte and Gury, began singing the song with Luva.

Luva de Pedreiro has captured the hearts of people all over the world with his simplicity and determination. From a humble start in a rural field, he has become the face of major brands in the market.

He is a role model for young sports enthusiasts who dream of making it big in the competitive professional world, even when faced with challenges and obstacles. As Luva de Pedreiro embarks on this new chapter of his journey, we hope that he will stay strong and not let life’s tribulations hold him back.

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