Maisa: From child prodigy to a powerful influencer in 2023!

Maisa Silva is a popular Brazilian influencer who has been in the spotlight since she was three years old. In 2018, she became the most-followed teenager in Brazil with 17M followers on Instagram. Currently, at the age of 20, Maisa has 46M followers on Instagram and has transitioned from television to also work on her successful career as an influencer.

Maisa has an amazing large presence, with over 46M followers on Instagram and 19.5M on TikTok

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Maisa post promoting her participation on the new movie Desapega! on Instagram.

17 years of a career already in her twenties

Maisa had her head start early, the first time she appeared on TV, when she was 3 years old, on Raul Gil (470K on Instagram). The actress participated in the show’s talent show in 2005, at the time aired on TV Record, to cover songs by some singers.

In the video, Raul Gil asks Maisa some questions and laughs due to her spontaneous answers. She got asked about her marital status, she said she was a “child”, and that when she grew up she wanted to be an “adult”.

Throughout her career, Maisa has been frequently compared to the child prodigy Shirley Temple, a famous American actress who gained fame in the 1930s. In addition to her authentic personality, her innate talent is one of the factors that people point out that they have in common.

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A picture of Shirley Temple, during her childhood.

Maisa arrived at SBT in 2007 at just 5 years old and was immediately cast to host the “Sábado Animado” (Animated Saturday) show. The show was a huge success, with its audience even affecting the ratings of its main channel rival, Globo, whose program, presented by Xuxa Meneghel (12M on Instagram), aired in the same time slot.

Maisa’s fame and engaging personality led to her being featured on the popular TV program “Programa Silvio Santos“, hosted by the channel’s owner, Silvio Santos (132K on Instagram). Viewers were eager to see the dynamic and comedic interactions between Maisa and her boss.

People couldn’t get enough of her, it got to a point we could see her on TV weekly, with such a small stature she got this amazing presence on the public’s mind. Soon, after presenting Sábado Animado, she also started presenting Bom Dia e Cia (Good morning and company) on Thursdays and Fridays.

In 2011, Maisa left “Bom Dia e Cia” and “Sábado Animado” to join the cast of the soap opera “Carrossel,” where she played the character Valeria. After “Carrossel” ended, Maisa returned to “Bom Dia e Cia,” but soon left to star in a spin-off series of “Carrossel.” Later, she played the successful character Juju Almeida in the soap opera “Carinha de Anjo.”

The character’s popularity led to the show’s official YouTube channel gaining over 1M subscribers. After the show ended, Maisa took a break from television, and then in 2019, she returned with her talk show on Saturday afternoons.

Maisa Silva’s new talk show ”Programa da Maisa” (Maisa’s Program) premiered as a leader in ratings on SBT, and also dominated as one of the most viewed videos on YouTube in Brazil. Within 1 hour of duration, the entire program got 1.2M views on the video platform within 24 hours of airing on television.

In 2020, Maisa decided to leave the TV channel that had been her home for much of her career. She had an emotional goodbye and explained her decision to her 5M YouTube subscribers in a video. She stated that her primary reason for leaving the TV channel was to pursue her studies abroad.

Transition from TV icon to a influencer life

Maisa was not only into every parent’s heart due to her cute image, but she also played a crucial part growing up with the young audiences watching her. During her early TV shows, she would talk directly with kids, play with them during calls, and root with them to win prizes.

As she was growing, she slowly got into the internet, sharing her thoughts, life, and personal opinions and interacting way more with her followers. Maisa, in 2018, with 18,2M followers even snatched Millie Bob Brown‘s title as the followed teen on Instagram.

In 2019 a commentary went viral, a person shared their way to getting followers on Instagram, they would lock their account and comment on famous people’s posts calling them ”cousins”, Maisa didn’t escape this situation, and in a few hours found out she had a family bigger than she expected.

The influencer explained this whole situation on her Twitter and adopted this as a trademark to call her fans as ”cousins” since she has always been a part of kids’ life early in her career and due to her surname ”Silva” being one of the most common in Brazil.

Being a face to most of the brands

Maisa is not only a host and influencer but also a successful brand in the industry. In recent years, she has been an advocate for embracing natural hair textures and has shared her journey of transitioning away from chemical treatments.

In 2020, she starred in an advertisement for Globo, a rival TV channel of SBT, which reportedly earned Globo at least BRL 1.6M (USD 315K) and Maisa an average of BRL 800K (USD 157K) for the advertising campaign.

Maisa became the face of self-care main face in their campaign, as it is obvious that brands need to find influencers or people that engage their public into joining and buying their products, Maisa showed herself to do this effortlessly. With her spontaneous touch, she calls all her ”cousins” to join the trend and treat themselves to the new products from Nivea, the series of AD posts got over 170K likes.

Maisa’s departure from SBT attracted the attention of other channels, and it wasn’t long before contract proposals began to surface. One of these proposals caught her attention, and Globo offered her at least BRL 200K (USD 40k) per month to host a new program on their channel. Additionally, it is reported that Maisa will also be returning to television for soap opera projects on the same channel.

Maisa has become a beloved member of a whole generation’s family, bringing joy and spontaneity to the lives of many. Though she began her career at a young age, she has built a resume that rivals that of many established names in the industry.

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