5 influencer marketing strategies with the top Brazilian influencers

Top Brazilian influencers

Influencer marketing keeps growing every day, as brands understand that this is an important part of a marketing strategy to penetrate a new market. The top Brazilian influencers play an important role for every brand that intents to enter the Brazilian market.

But why?

Brands understand that are certain topics trending in the country, and social media works as an important tool to spread the message. The top Brazilian influencers are able to connect with their strong and loyal fanbases and spread that message in an easy and common language.

So the question is: how to conduct an effective influencer marketing campaign?

The answer is not straightforward. Every marketing campaign must have extensive planning and a strategy that encompasses all the risks and expectations, but you can look to previous examples and try to build your strategy on that.

source: Firmbee.com

Here are 5 types of influencer marketing that you can plan with the top Brazilian influencers.

Sponsored Influencers Post with the top Brazilian influencers

This is the most common type of influencer marketing.

It happens when a brand reaches an influencer and pay for them to post a photo or a video. On Instagram this content usually comes identified with the hashtag #ad or #publi, making it clear that the post is sponsored.

To conduct this strategy is important to clarify some steps first. 

  1. The first step is to analyse the influencers market before deciding which one to choose. If you are a sports brand, maybe you should check the sports influencer rather than gaming influencers, for example. It is also important that you understand engagement rates and how it works. We explain it here! 
  2. Then, you must approach the influencer or the agent and clarify your goals and the way you perceive the campaign. The top Brazilian influencers usually have their own language that they develop with their fans, so it is important that you understand this and don’t try to control every aspect of the campaign.
  3. Finally, you can analyse the results and check if the campaign filled your marketing goals. Usually, influencers marketing work better in a long-term relationship, so don’t quit because your numbers have not grown overnight. Be patient and realistic when developing a marketing strategy.

Here is an example of a Sponsored Influencer Post with one of the Top Brazilian influencers: Pamela Drudi.

The Brazilian influencer is one of the Top Brazilian influencers on our agency.

Sponsored blog posts with the top Brazilian influencers

Blogs can be one of the most trustworthy places on the internet, and for this reason, it generates thousands of visits monthly, with very loyal fanbases.

For this reason, brands get in contact with the blog creators and the top Brazilian influencers to promote their products in the blog. 

source: NeONBRAND

This type of influencer marketing usually offers a fixed compensation fee. The blog creator is more likely to write the post about the product, or insert the product or brand in one of the posts, as they understand better their fanbases and they have their own communication style. 

A good example of this type of influencer marketing is the fashion blog Chata de Galocha, by the Brazilian influencer Lu Ferreira. She mixes a good sense of humour with her own unique vision of the fashion industry. In a partnership with the brand Condor, she developed a hairbrush collection that was a success among her fans.

Brand ambassador programs with the top Brazilian influencers

This is one of the most common marketing strategies among brands and influencers. 

Brands will choose influencers to share regular posts about their products, show up at company events and many other activities related to the company. It usually involves a long relationship between the brand and the influencer, as it is important to understand and know the influencer that will become the face of the brand. 

The Top Brazilian influencers are usually connected with some brand at this level, as they always present high levels of engagement rate and have loyal fans. 

A good example of a brand ambassador is Manu Gavassi. She became one of the faces of the brand O Boticario, a Brazilian cosmetics and perfumes company. 

The Brazilian influencer is one of the most popular influencers in the country

Gifting Items 

This is a common strategy used by brands, especially smaller brands, and it works perfectly with micro-influencers.

The premise of the strategy is simple: you send an item of your brand to an influencer, and expect him to show it on its social media (usually on a YouTube video but more commonly on Instagram Stories).

But this strategy may not work as you expect. When you send a gift to an influencer, you are not doing any partnership with him, so he may not be interested in posting about your product. 

So before planning this type of strategy, you must:

  1. Create a relationship with the influencer you targetted, so you know that he likes the brand and the products you want to promote;
  2. Find influencers with similar values and interests with your brand. If you want to promote a vegan product, for example, it may be good to find vegan influencers as they will be more interested in sharing your product.

Sometimes, big music companies use this strategy to promote their future releases, by sending the song to an influencer so he can share a snippet of it on social media, boosting the interest in the song.

Account Takeover

This is a really simple, but effective marketing tool. A brand reaches an influencer for him to take over their social media account for a period of time, usually one day. This may seem useless, but the truth is it can boost the brand’s social media account numbers. 

The influencer will post stories and photos on behalf of the brand, creating an interesting content strategy.

How can Bold Creators Club help you reach the top Brazilian influencers?

If you are an international brand that wants to enter the Brazilian market, will have to face several problems like language and culture. That requires time and hard work. 

Apart from analysing the best CPM of an influencer, you will also need to understand its audience and what to expect from them. 

We can easily connect with the top Brazilian influencers and help you with your strategy, as we have a deep understanding of the market and the Brazilian culture. 

Partnering with an agency may be the answer to your problems. We will make intensive market research and present you with the best hypothesis.

Talk to us and schedule a meeting!