Measuring brand awareness and 5 tips on how to do it

Measuring brand awareness and 5 tips on how to do it

Creating a successful brand for your business can be a difficult process. It often takes a lot of hard work and planning. During this process, it is important to measure your efforts so that you can understand what is working and what is not. Measuring brand awareness will help you to optimize your strategies and improve your results.

When it comes to measuring your brand awareness, it seems more intuitive to think about how many people click on your website or how many sales of a particular product you get. But when the goal of a marketing campaign is to build brand awareness, tracking isn’t as straightforward.

Being aware of your brand and what it stands for is important. People need to know you exist before they will even consider buying from you. That’s why it’s so important to measure how well people know about your brand and its products.

Measuring brand awareness and 5 tips on how to do it
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Measuring brand awareness by listening to the audience

You can understand how your brand is being perceived by interacting with those who are important to you: your customers. Talk to them on social media, in emails, and through surveys. Watch how they respond. This process can help you understand what customers know about your business and how they feel about it.

You can track how popular your website is by counting how many times people mention your website and your competitor’s websites. You can also figure out how much of the discussion mentioning all websites is about you. This number is called “share of voice.”

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Measuring brand awareness by checking engagement levels

Check how people are interacting with every piece of content you publish. Do people visit your page? Do they leave shortly after? Are they commenting and resharing your posts on social media? If people are not interacting with your content, it might mean that you need to change the way you are publishing content or the topics you are writing about. The more people interact with your content, the more likely they are to remember your brand later on. They might even mention your brand to their friends and family.

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Measuring brand awareness by checking the website

You can learn a lot about how people see your brand by looking at your website traffic. Look at how people are finding your website: are they clicking on a link that redirects to your website or are they typing in your URL or brand name on search engines? 

Reviewing the growth of direct traffic over a specific time period gives you information on your brand awareness growth. The more people remember your brand, the more likely they are to visit your website without first looking it up online.

Don’t worry about whether or not the number of people coming to your website from other websites is going up or down. Compare the number of people coming to your website directly to how many came at another time.

Besides how many people come, also look at how long they stay. When more people are interested in your company, they will spend more time on your website. The number of people who leave right away should be going down.

Measuring brand awareness through influencer marketing campaigns

People are more likely to be honest and engaged when talking to creators they follow. These people feel comfortable giving feedback about products and brands featured in the creator’s posts. This provides a great opportunity for brands to listen to what their consumers are saying, engage with them, and bring them closer to home.

When brands do influencer marketing, they usually track things like how many people see the ads. But you also need to measure how people feel about the brand after seeing the ad. This study should answer questions like “How does my brand’s awareness compare to my competitors?” and “Is my influencer marketing campaign driving positive affinity for my brand?”

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To have a successful Instagram account, you need to put in the time and effort. You can’t just set up your account and expect people to start clicking on your links. You need an engaged audience that is interested in your brand. This is why running Instagram ads is still a good idea – it will help you build up a following and figure out what engages your target customers best.

Dealing with social media influencers is not always easy. Actually, most of the time, companies and influencers can’t communicate clearly, as there is a lack of a cultural, linguistic, and social bridge that connects both.

When it comes to Latin influencers, this communication barrier is even bigger. Not only because a lot of people in countries like Brazil or Colombia don’t English, but also because these countries are highly multicultural, with cities with completely different styles, slang, social and cultural movements within the country. 

In the case of Brazil, this aspect is so strong that there are even completely different cultures within the same city, in big metropolises like São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. 

It is really hard to keep up with the constant changes in the pop culture and in the internet world, so contacting an agency whose job is to always be updated about what the influencers are doing, how is the stability in the country, and more important information for your company, is the best strategy.