Meet the housemates: Big Brother Brazil 2023 edition!

The cast for the new season of Big Brother Brazil is out! This edition features 22 contestants, 10 from the “Camarote’’ (celebrities) and 12 from the “Pipoca” (non-celebrity) group. Let’s discuss the potential of all celebrities and those who want to become one in this article. Check it out and don’t miss the premiere episode airing on January 16th!

”Big Brother Brazil” is the most-watched reality show in Brazil. The prize for 2023 includes a new car and an upgraded cash prize, which is stated to be the highest in BBB history.

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The day the participant list is revealed on the reality show is referred to as the “Big Day.”

Get ready: Big Brother 2023 is about to begin

Big Brother Brazil” is not only the most-watched reality show in the country but also a highly talked-about topic among internet users. Expectations for the new chapter are high, and as previously discussed, the show has a rich history of past winners and how it all began.

As the year begins, the internet is buzzing with the premiere of the 23rd edition of “Big Brother Brazil.” Today, we will find out the identities of the 22 participants who will be confined for 3 months, but before that, let’s understand how this year’s edition works.

What’s Pipoca and Camarote?

The participants will be divided into two categories, the ”Pipoca” and “Camarote”. Pipoca are the anonymous participants, while Camarotes are publicly known figures. “Pipoca” means popcorn, while “Camarote” means cabin.

Getting to know the contestants: Camarote

Aline Wirley – singer

Aline is a Brazilian singer, actress, and songwriter. She was born in São Paulo and raised in Cachoeira Paulista, also in São Paulo. Currently, she lives in Rio de Janeiro, is married, and has a son. At the age of 13, she began singing in church and had aspirations of becoming a nun.

In 2002, she won a music reality show and joined the girl band Rouge, which gained fame with their hit song “Ragatanga.” Before her rise to fame, Aline worked as a maid and telephone operator to support herself and studied acting.

She’s outgoing, talkative, and doesn’t shy away from expressing herself. She’s aware that she leaves a lasting impression on people. Despite her intensity, Aline is resilient and easygoing. She is excited to be a part of BBB as it gives her a chance to showcase her different sides. While she acknowledges her fears, Aline is determined not to let them hold her back from fully immersing herself in the experience.

The member of Rouge has 971k followers on Instagram at the moment. Her Instagram gained engagement when they announced her participation in Brazilian Big Brother.

Fred – journalist and influencer

Bruno Carneiro Nunes, better known as “Fred,” is a journalist, presenter, and influencer from São Paulo. He is also known as the ex-boyfriend of businesswoman and former BBB participant Bianca Andrade, also known as “Boca Rosa.”

From a young age, Fred had a passion for sports and pursued a career as a sports journalist and presenter. He has covered major sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Copa do Brasil on his channel “Desimpedidos”.

As a die-hard fan of the program, Fred has watched nearly every season of Big Brother Brazil and is thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in the show. He is ready to face the challenges that lie ahead, but acknowledges that leaving his son behind will be one of the toughest parts of the experience.

Fred has updated his profile picture on Instagram to reflect his new era, and currently has 9.6M followers.

Bruna Griphao – actress

Bruna Griphao is an actress from Rio de Janeiro. She got involved with acting at a young age, starting her career in soap operas at the age of 10.

Throughout her career, she has appeared in several popular soap operas such as “Avenida Brasil,” “Malhação Casa Cheia,” “Haja Coração,” and “Orgulho e Paixão.” In 2021, she had her most recent role in the soap opera “Nos Tempos do Imperador.”

Bruna describes herself as chatty, energetic, impulsive, and outgoing, noting that this personality is not always reflected in her cleaner image on social media. She sees her participation in Big Brother Brazil as the biggest challenge of her life and an opportunity she doesn’t want to miss.

The actress has created her hashtag and has gained 3M followers on Instagram ahead of her debut on the reality show.

MC Guimê – singer

MC Guimê, a singer and composer from Osasco, São Paulo, comes from a humble background. He states that his parents always worked hard to ensure that he and his siblings did not have to live in need. He started working at an early age, helping out at a neighborhood greengrocer. With the money he earned, he helped with household bills and was able to buy the things he wanted.

MC Guimê began his musical career as a teenager and at the age of 15, he entered the funk music scene professionally. His song “País do Futebol” reached over 100M views on YouTube. In 2022, he participated in “The Masked Singer Brasil” alongside his wife, fellow singer Lexa.

According to the singer, being invited to participate in “Big Brother Brazil” was one of the most unexpected events in his life. He initially felt afraid, but as a fan of the program and eager to take on a new challenge, he ultimately decided to accept the invitation.

The funk singer created a video production to announce the news to his 8.4M followers on Instagram.

Gabriel Santana – actor

The young actor, born in São Paulo and new BBB contestant, caught the public’s attention at a young age. At the age of 10, he was already participating in commercials and landed his first role on TV at the age of 13.

Gabriel had roles in popular series such as “Carcereiros” and “Malhação: Toda Forma de Amar.” His most recent work was as Renato in the remake of ‘Pantanal‘ (2022). He also has experience in both cinema and theater.

Gabriel describes himself as loving, caring, and a great listener. He also states that he tries to keep his cool in any situation. In his spare time, he enjoys going to nightclubs and is known to be the life of the party among his friends.

The actor Gabriel, nicknamed “Biel,” has 2.3M followers on Instagram and has already excited his fans with his participation in BBB.

Key Alves – volleyball player

Key Alves, a volleyball player from Osasco São Cristóvão Saúde team and influencer, was born in Bauru, São Paulo. She has always had a passion for the sport and was inspired by her father, who was also a volleyball player but retired due to the birth of Key and her twin sister.

She took a break from her sports career but she got her growing social media presence. Since 2022, she is the most followed volleyball athlete on social media. She is known for her diverse content, including memes, dances, and provocative photos.

Key describes herself as fun and outgoing, and enjoys making friends. She is also open about being a flirty person, but states that she does not want to be in a relationship during her time on BBB.

The volleyball player announced that she would be participating in the reality show and with her 7M followers on Instagram, she proves to be a natural influencer.

Antonio – MMA fighter

Antonio “Cara de Sapato” is a professional mixed martial artist from João Pessoa, Paraíba. He has been competing in the sport for many years and has made a name for himself in the industry. He currently competes in the Professional Fighters League (PFL) after spending eight years in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Antonio “Cara de Sapato” was born in João Pessoa, Paraíba but was raised in Salvador, Bahia. From a young age, his parents encouraged him to try different sports. He discovered jiu-jitsu at the age of 14 and found success in the sport. As a black belt, he has accomplished numerous awards, including being a Brazilian champion ten times, South American, Pan American, and two-time world champion.

Cara de Sapato was given his nickname by a jiu-jitsu teacher and it has become the way he is known by many. Despite his profession as an MMA fighter, he is known for being playful, fun, and quiet, which is different than what people may expect from someone in his line of work.

The athlete “Cara de Sapato” is excited and has prepared a series of videos to promote his participation in the reality show. He has 226K followers on Instagram.

Fred Nicácio – doctor and physiotherapist

Fred was born in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro. He holds a degree in Physical Therapy and had got a large following of almost 350K followers prior to being announced as a participant in Big Brother Brazil.

He gained prominence on social media due to his profession and even got to be a part of a reality show in 2022. He has been married for three years and currently lives with his husband in Bauru, São Paulo.

He also emphasizes his positive qualities such as being loving, welcoming, and easy to laugh with. He is aware that he can be patient like a volcano and waits for the right time to make his move. He also makes a point of saying that he is not someone who acts foolishly.

This time who announced Fred’s participation in the reality show was his husband, he played the theme song of the program on the piano, and in an emotional farewell, he kissed Fred goodbye as he packed his bags. Fred has 427K followers on Instagram and left everyone with high expectations of his participation in the show.

Domitila – model and social activist

Domitila, a model, actress, and entrepreneur, was born in Recife, Pernambuco. In 2022, she was crowned Miss Germany and uses her platform to advocate for sustainability, fair employment opportunities for women from marginalized communities, and the power of art to transform lives.

As a teenager, Domitila was active in her parents’ NGO, teaching literacy to at-risk children and teens. At 15, she was recognized by UNESCO with the Millennium Dreamers award. She holds a degree in Social Work and in 2006, she received a scholarship to pursue her master’s degree in Germany. She completed her thesis in four languages. Simultaneously, she began her career as an actress and model overseas.

Domitila sees herself as determined, resilient, and not easily defeated. She also considers herself to be genuine, grounded, and a strong woman. On the reality show “BBB,” her goal is to win the leader’s challenge to earn the opportunity to host her own party during her tenure, and ultimately to win the competition’s grand prize so that she can improve her family’s living conditions.

Domitila announced her participation in the reality show to her followers, and her team is currently sharing interesting videos about her personality. She has 278K followers on Instagram at the moment.

Marvvila – singer

Kassia Marvila, also known by her stage name, is a singer from Rio de Janeiro who began her career singing in church. She has participated in the show “The Voice Brasil” in 2016 and was a member of the soul music choir “Coral Vibe.” In the pagode genre, she has collaborated with artists such as Dilsinho, Belo, Rebecca, and Sorriso Maroto.

Her biggest hit to date is “A Pagodeira,” a song created in partnership with the funkeiros Don Juan and PK. Marvila also performed at the Favela Space at Rock in Rio 2022, representing the pagode genre.

Marvvila has spoken out about the challenges that women in the music industry face when it comes to gaining representation and recognition in different styles and genres. According to Marvila, society has instilled in women the belief that certain areas of music are not meant for them. However, she believes that it is the responsibility of her generation to break down these barriers and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable industry for all women.

The singer influencer has already announced her participation in the reality show by engaging the public and creating a visual identity for herself as “Pagodeira” due to her love for the genre. Her team is now sharing videos full of interesting facts about her, with over 770K followers on Instagram.

Getting to know the contestants: Pipoca

Gabriel – administrator and model & Paula – biomedical technician

Gabriel and Paula were among four participants in the pre-event ‘Casa de Vidro’ for Big Brother Brazil. The public voted online to determine which two would proceed to the main show, with Gabriel and Paula ultimately being selected.

Gabriel is from Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. He studied business but switched to modeling and managing family properties to supplement his income. He decided to make this change after spending time in the countryside during the pandemic.

He is someone who is more comfortable staying at home than going out clubbing. He considers himself to be a bit basic and introverted, and small details out of place can easily bother him. He likes to spend his time at home and with his family, and values a sense of organization and focus in his life.

His goal for participating in the show is to win the prize money and invest in his career, and he does not have any ambition to become famous after the program. He is motivated to make a significant amount of money, his goal is to be a millionaire.

Gabriel has successfully entered the BBB house and his team has spread the news to the public. Due to his previous interactions with the public, he has already gained a significant level of affection from viewers. Additionally, Gabriel has a large social media following with 400K followers on Instagram.

On other hand, Paula is a biomedical technician from Jacundá, Pará. She works in a clinical analysis laboratory in her hometown. She left Jacundá to study in Goiânia during her adolescence but returned at age 20 to address personal matters.

She has a strong personality, but also acknowledges her fragility. She is talkative and may express her opinions strongly, but she does not tolerate disrespectful or negative comments about herself and tries to stay balanced.

Participating in a reality show was not something that Paula had ever considered, but she now sees it as a way to improve her family’s financial situation. She wants to use the opportunity to better her family’s condition and make their lives more comfortable.

Paula has also entered the Big Brother house after her initial participation in the ”Casa de Vidro”. The public voted for her to officially join the show, and she now carries the responsibility and support of her 520K followers on Instagram.

Larissa – physical education teacher

Larissa is a Physical Education teacher from Santa Catarina who moved to a bigger city to pursue her dreams. She had to start working early to help with household expenses, and switched from Law to Physical Education, a career she fell in love with.

Currently, she teaches at a school and works as a personal trainer and states “I only have patience with children, I don’t have much patience with adults.”

The contestant is known for being flashy, spontaneous, and talkative. She is aware that her tendency to talk too much could be an issue in the BBB. They are also clumsy and inattentive, and sensitive to criticism. Larissa enjoys a good fight and she is confident in her arguments.

Larissa currently has over 360K followers on Instagram. Her team has prepared short videos to introduce the public to the new contestant.

Cezar – male nurse

Cezar is a nurse from Bahia, Brazil who currently lives and works in Brasília. He chose nursing over engineering, moved to Brasília with just a small bag to improve his financial situation and has also worked in Mato Grosso do Sul. He shares his lifestyle on social media but insists that it’s not about showing off but about enjoying the moments.

The new BBB contestant enjoys speedboating, wakeboarding and traveling. He considers himself spontaneous, fun, and playful, and describes himself as a “crazy guy” with a romantic and dreamy side. He also states that he is good with life and believes he can represent many viewers in the BBB.

The smiling participant has managed to charm the internet with his captivating smile. With over 108,000 followers, his team is frequently engaged on Instagram.

Gustavo – farmer

Gustavo is a farmer and businessman from Mato Grosso who moved to Primavera do Leste with his brother to change his life. He worked as a bricklayer for five years, saved money, and opened a company in the Civil Construction business. His parents later joined him in the city and they now work together on the family farm. He is close to his family and feels he can do anything with their support.

A participant from Mato Grosso is outgoing, hardworking, loving, and organized. He states that don’t play dirty to get something and likes to bring joy to people around him. He is single but open to a relationship in the BBB. His objective in the game is to give 100% of himself, enjoy the experience and win the prize to become a millionaire.

The rural star attracts attention for his good looks and simple manner. Currently, the new contestant has 480K followers on Instagram.

Marília – makeup artist and influencer

Marília is a makeup artist and influencer from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. She currently lives in Osasco, São Paulo and comes from a humble background. Her husband has been her main supporter in her dreams and with his support she became a professional makeup artist. She uses her makeup skills to empower women.

Marília jokes about being like a loudspeaker and being unable to keep her voice down. She also says that she gives her all in everything she sets out to do, is very loyal and is truthful in her relationships. She also points out that if needed, she can be sassy and likes to provoke, which will be evident in her behavior during the confinement.

The extremely funny makeup artist, Marilia, made sure to cheer up the atmosphere when it came time to announce her participation. She has almost 1M followers on Instagram.

Sarah Aline – psychologist and diversity analyst

Sarah Aline, born in Osasco, grew up in a Catholic home with missionary parents who visited detention facilities for juvenile offenders. They sang rap and provided a new vision of the world to young people. She worked multiple jobs to pay for her Psychology degree and is now proud to live alone in an apartment she set up with her own hard work.

Sarah says she finds it easy to connect with people, but is selective about deep relationships. She is an intense person who talks a lot and enjoys gossip. She is single and admits that love is her weak point, stating that when she falls in love she often thinks about the future and names for their potential children.

Sarah Aline makes a lively entrance, announcing her presence with a strong following of 70K followers on Instagram. She actively works to grow her audience.

Ricardo – biomedical technician

Ricardo is a biomedical technician from Aracaju, Sergipe, currently living in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. He provides emergency exams to people living in the outskirts of the city. He faced a major financial shock in his childhood and turned to sports, using his skills in handball and soccer to earn scholarships to the best school in his city and later to college in Ribeirão Preto.

He is proud to have left home with only a one-way ticket and to have settled in São Paulo, where he also took his master’s degree. He dreams of studying medicine and becoming a geriatrician to treat and care for the elderly as his father did. He reveals that he has been quite restless since childhood, and has faced racism, but doesn’t let it go unnoticed. He is a sincere person with no filters but gets frustrated when people disappoint him.

Ricardo is an athletic person who thrives in competition. He states that he has always given his all in the game, and has a strategy to win. His main goal is to win the prize of “Big Brother Brazil”.

Ricardo emphasizes his heritage in his announcement post as he enters the competition. He currently has 71K followers on Instagram.

Bruno – drugstore attendant

Bruno, born in São José da Laje, Alagoas, is a pharmacy worker who is quite known in his region. He has a good relationship with his parents and had a happy childhood growing up playing in the streets and making friends. His dream is to change his life and his family’s life and to shine instead of being a quiet country citizen.

He is an energetic person who enjoys fun, parties, and trips. He considers himself extroverted, transparent, and competitive. He doesn’t care about judgment and is not afraid to change sides in the game. He intends to enter BBB to play and win and promises to be a strong player and set the house on fire. He does not tolerate petty and prejudiced people and is easily stressed out when contradicted.

Bruno lives up to his origins and announces his participation in a celebration atmosphere, with more than 90K followers on Instagram.

Tina – marketing analyst and model

Tina, a marketing analyst and model originally from Angola, has been living in Sao Paulo for 9 years. She came to Brazil to study and graduated in Journalism and did post-graduate studies in Marketing. She also works as a model and influencer on her social media. She has a strong connection to Brazilian culture and intends to stay in the country permanently.

In 2012 she was elected Miss Benguela, in Angola. She is a single mother of two daughters and has been divorced for eight years. She values sharing her culture and empowerment with her children and considers herself to be an active, determined, but also stubborn and sometimes quarrelsome individual.

She also mentions that she does not rule out the possibility of a love affair in the future. She also warns her confinement mates that she can get angry easily and does not like to be bothered.

Tina, has shown that she’s really into the business of marketing and advertising herself frequently, with over 91K followers on Instagram.

Cristian – businessman

Cristian, a businessman from Caxias do Sul, is a former model who now owns and runs a CrossFit gym. He graduated in Physical Education and has a post-graduation in Sports Nutrition. He considers himself a person with vision and initiative, and in his free time, he likes to swim and socialize with friends. He describes himself as “a good guy.”

He has strong opinions, speaks his mind clearly, and considers it a positive trait. He is stubborn and methodical, but not boring. He is competitive and believes in playing fair, and has good cooking skills. He admits that working in a group is difficult for him as he likes to lead and has a sharp tongue. He will play to win and he is focusing on his strengths.

Cristian, along with his team, has a following of 52K followers on Instagram. He has announced his participation and his team is focusing on promoting him through short videos.

Amanda – doctor

Amanda is a doctor from Astorga, Paraná, Brazil who currently lives in Campo Largo. She was motivated to prove that people without financial resources can achieve their goals. She fell in love with medicine while living near an emergency room and enjoys working in the ICU due to its unpredictability. During the pandemic, she worked for 15 consecutive days in the hospital.

The doctor in the past has supplemented her income by selling brigadeiros and is open to other jobs if necessary. She is single and considers herself lucky in gambling rather than love. She enjoys gossiping and describes herself as fiery, spontaneous, lively and a little stubborn. She sees her disorganization as a defect but also a positive trait. She likes to party and dance, and doesn’t mind the mess.

The doctor is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, as evidenced by her large following of over 86K followers on Instagram.

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