Online shopping is going through changes – the shift in eCommerce buying attitudes

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A study by GRIN has shown that eCommerce trends and online shopping buying behaviour are shifting through the years, especially between men and women. The data is based on consumer preferences from social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, highlighting the differences between how the two groups react and interact with their favourite creators online.

Will this impact how brands work online? 

Targeting a specific niche is one of the key actions for many brands. While the division between age groups, gender and size has been implemented for several years, reaching specific niches is harder on physician stores and, therefore, is something that online shopping has allowed to occur more easily.

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Men are more willing to spend more money on online shopping

The study shows that while women are more hesitant to spend large amounts of money on online shopping, men are more likely to trust online shopping if it is recommended by their favourite influencers. Therefore, we can conclude that men trust the authenticity of their favourite creators more than women, and that’s important to them. 

Some important data on the study also shows that half of the women that participated in the study stated that they would not spend more than $50 on a product promoted by an influencer without seeing the product first, while around 70% of men answered that they were willing to buy a product without seeing it first, as long as it was promoted by an influencer they trust. 

This shows that influencers have a big impact on online shopping, especially on men.

Another curious statistic from the study is that more men are bothered by influencers not specifying that they are getting paid to promote a product, service or brand, than women. Around 25% responded positively to being bothered by the lack of information on promotional posts, while women only had around 18% of positive answers.

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Women trust real influencers more than celebrities

While men are typically more trusting on social media, women prefer to follow real people, or in other words “real” influencers, rather than following celebrities.

While more than 25% of men stated they would buy something that their favourite influencers promoted, less than 10% of women responded the same. Meanwhile, 15% of men admitted to following more celebrities, while only 7% of women said they would be more likely to follow a celebrity.

This shifting on trends is important for brands that want to focus and improve their eCommerce strategy and improve their online shopping experience, like GAP, for example, that closed their physical stores in the UK and are shifting to online shopping only strategy in the United Kingdom.

Bold Creators Club can help your brand on social media commerce

Social media has millions of users engaging, sharing and being influenced by what they see on their feed, and brands acknowledge that.

It is important for them not only to work closely with influencers to reach their followers, but it is also important to have a good social media presence, with a clear strategy. This way, users will have the need to follow the brand’s Instagram account and will check the products more often. 

Creating a good marketing strategy for social media is crucial if a brand wants to survive, as the transition between physical and digital has accelerated, especially with the pandemic and all the physical stores closing indefinitely. But we know that doing this is not easy.

Before implementing a social media strategy in Brazil, that are some problems you must deal with like logistics, social and political problems that can become barriers in the future. That is why partnering with an agency may be the solution. 

At Bold Creators Club, we are always aware of what the biggest Brazilian brands are doing and how they are succeeding on all platforms.

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