Paulo André: from Tokio Olympics to Big Brother Brasil 22

Paulo andre big brother brasil 22 brazilian influencer athlete artist

Paulo André, also known as PA, was born on August 20, 1998, in the state of São Paulo. He was first known for representing Brazil in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, as a track and field athlete, but it was his participation in Big Brother Brasil 22, that made him a star. His humble and graceful personality led him to finish second in the show, but winning the hearts of millions. With a growth of +10,000% of followers on Instagram, Paulo André has become one of the hottest influencers in Brazil, with several brands looking to partner with him.

When the Big Brother Brasil 22 started in January, Paulo André had around 80,000 followers on Instagram. He was one of the most loved characters in the show, leading him to build a strong fanbase that helped him reach the final. In the 4-month-duration that the show was on the air, Paulo André earned more than 8 million fans on the platform. PA finished Big Brother Brasil in second place, with 29,91% of the votes, losing to Arthur Aguiar.

Paulo André big brother brasil 22 Brazilian influencer brazil
Paulo André, the vice-champion of Big Brother Brasil 22

The best of both worlds

Paulo André is an Olympic athlete, who has gotten several participations and medals in athletic competitions. He reached the semifinal of the Tokyo Olympic Games, after finishing in the 26th place in the quarter-finals.

His achievements are:

  • 1x Gold Medalist in the 4x100m in the World Athletics Relays
  • 1x Gold Medalist in the 4x100m in the Pan American Games
  • 1x Silver Medalist in the 100m in the Pan American Games
  • 1x Gold Medalist in the 100m in the Universíada 2019
  • 1x Silver Medalist in the 200m in the Universíada 2019
Paulo André brazilian influencer bbb22 big brother brasil 22 champion sports
Paulo André: Gold Medalists champion for Brazil

During the Big Brother Brasil 22, he remained very competitive and professional, leading him to become a fan favorite of the program. He still enjoys life in a light and fun way, participating in major events such as Gkay’s Farofa, the birthday party of the influencer Gessica Kayane or Gkay.

One of the key topics during his stay in the Big Brother Brasil 22 was his son, known as “Peazinho”. When Paulo entered the show, his son was 5 months and served as one of the anchors for Paulo André to remain competitive in the game. For several moments, PA talked about his son with the other participants.

Paulo André’s relationship status

What we all know at the moment, is that PA is single. But, during Big Brother Brasil 22, he was being seen with Jade Picon, another participant of the reality, and gossip about them having a relationship came out.

“I’m not going to get into controversy, I’m not going to get into this issue, but if Paulo is happy, and from the video, I can see that he is, I ship it, and it’s all right. Paulo André has a very good heart, but he still has a lot to show. We are very young, but life has provided us with situations for us to mature faster. “

Said Thays Andreata, Paulo Andre’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his child

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