What is podcast advertising and how it can help your brand

What is podcast advertising and how it can help your brand

It’s been estimated that by 2023, podcast advertising revenue will exceed $2 billion. And it seems as though this trend is only going to continue with projections of reaching 3 billion in 2025! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re browsing for podcasts, especially for small and mid-sized companies that want to advertise through this channel. There are so many options that it can be difficult deciding which ones your target audience will actually tune in to!

It turns out that podcasts are a great way to advertise your product, especially if it’s been mentioned on one of their favorite shows. A recent survey found nearly 20% more people were likely to support an advertised brand after hearing about them through their favorite podcast shows.

What is podcast advertising and how it can help your brand
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But, what is podcast advertising?

When a brand pays to sponsor your podcast, they want to reach an audience that already exists. The goal is usually winning new potential customers with ads tailored specifically for people who listen to a certain show.

These ads can come in two ways:

  • Read by the host of that specific episode with a script;
  • Pre-recorded and added in during the episode.

The Unique Selling Proposition of podcast advertising is that it is very niched. For example, a car company that wants to reach its target market through podcast advertising will partner up with a podcast dedicated to cars.

Podcasting is a very effective marketing platform because it creates trust and connection between the listeners and the podcast host.

Different types of podcast advertising

There are three types of ads for podcasts:

  • Pre-roll ads, when the ad appears at the beginning of the podcast;
  • Mid-roll ads, when the ad appears in the middle of the podcast;
  • Post-roll ads, when the ad appears at the end of the podcast. 

Mid-roll ads are typically longer (they can be as long as 90 seconds), while pre and post-roll ads usually only last 30 seconds. Post rolls furthermore have a high risk for listeners that may not finish listening because it ends abruptly after them but some might argue that the most enthusiastic listeners will listen right till the end and they’re actually your target audience. Plus, as post-roll ads are generally slightly cheaper they can end up being more cost-effective for you in certain circumstances.

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The podcast advertising ads can also be dynamic or baked-in. If an ad is dynamic, then it is prerecorded and can be interspersed with different spots during playback. This means you may see it as pre-rolls or mid/post rolls. The baked-in ads are part of the original recording and can’t be replaced with another promotion.

Native ads

Native ads are often seen as a staple in the world of advertising. These short, advertisement clips air before podcasts begin or in the middle to give listeners an opportunity to establish trust with the brand while also getting them acquainted with new products or promotions.

Product Placement

Product placement ads are when a brand pays to mention their product in an episode of the podcast. It is a pretty straightforward way for brands to get their name out there.

Direct response ad

The best of both worlds! A direct response ad combines the seamless integration with the content that native ads offer, but instead of hiding behind an aesthetically pleasing design or soundscape, the podcast host can be upfront about who paid for this message while reading a script.

Sponsored content

Brands can use sponsored content to boost their brand awareness. This is often done by paying for a relevant podcast to create episodes on various topics that are related to what the company does or sells.

Paid interview

Paid interviews are a great way to get your name out there. The podcast host will interview someone who’s related or relevant to the brand, and then it’ll be up for public consumption!

The creative process has been revolutionized with this new type of content collaboration. Instead, the podcast host does not have to create an entire episode from scratch, while brands can increase their brand awareness and trust through these broadcasts.

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Finding the perfect podcast to reach your audience is not always easy. Actually, most of the time, companies can waste precious time in the hunt for the perfect podcast, as there are more than 2 million active podcasts nowadays.

When it comes to Latin podcasts, it is even harder. Not only because a lot of people in countries like Brazil or Colombia there are huge amounts of different podcast shows, but also because these countries are highly multicultural, with cities with completely different styles, slang, social and cultural movements within the country. 

In the case of Brazil, this aspect is so strong that there are even completely different cultures within the same city, in big metropolises like São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. 

It is really hard to keep up with the constant changes in the pop culture and in the internet world, so contacting an agency whose job is to always be updated about what the influencers are doing, how is the stability in the country, and more important information for your company, is the best strategy.