Podcasts: Why is Brazil the 3rd place in Podcast consumption?

Podcast consumption rates are highest in Sweden, Ireland, and Brazil, with over 40% of their population reporting that they listen to podcasts. with more than 30M listeners 40% of Brazilians have listened to a podcast episode in the last Year.

podcast brazil Podcast mesacast Podpah A mulher da casa abandonada Mano a Mano Flow Podcast Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Brazil might just take the cake for the most avid podcast listeners, with a staggering 30 million people – that’s almost 40% of the country’s entire population – having listened to a podcast episode in the past year.

Narratives: Deep dive in storys

These are episodes that tell a long story or narrative in audio format, usually divided into chapters. These podcasts are more similar to audiobooks or TV series that have a well-developed plot and often include sound effects and a soundtrack. Indication of a podcast of this genre: Paciente 63

Roundtables : Unfiltered discussions on hottest topics

These are episodes where a group of people discusses and debate about a certain topic, like a debate program on television, but in audio format. These podcasts are usually presented by a moderator and usually feature experts on the subject in question. Indication of a podcast of this genre: PodDelas.

Report: Uncovering the untold stories behind the news

These are episodes that bring journalistic information, where the reporter interviews people, conducts research, and presents facts about a given subject. These podcasts are usually produced in series format and are ideal for those who want to keep up to date on a specific theme. Indication of a podcast of this genre: Discoteca Basica.

Daily Briefs: Keeping You in the Know

These are daily episodes that bring the main news of the day, usually with a short duration and the objective of bringing a summary of the main events in the world. These podcasts are great for those who do not have much time to be informed during the day but want to stay on top of the main events. Indication of a podcast of this genre: Café da manha.

The best in Brazil

Spotify’s event to announce new podcasts on its platform in 2018 further accelerated podcast consumption. In 2021, Spotify launched the Spotify Podcast Academy, a program to support podcast production in Brazil. Currently, 3 biggest podcasts in brazil are:

1st place:

Podpah: Presented by Igão and Mítico, Podpah was the most listened-to podcast on Spotify in Brazil this year. In the global ranking of most popular podcasts, the program appears in 24th place.

2nd place:

A Mulher da casa Abandonada: Folha’s narrative podcast, The Woman of the Abandoned House, won second place. The reporter Chico Felitti told, through a six-month investigation, the story of Margarida Bonetti, an heiress who lives in an abandoned mansion, that was a plot twist that may shock you.

3rd Place

Mano a Mano: In third place is the Original Spotfy Mano a Mano. Hosted by Mano Brow, the podcast is in its third season and hosts different guests such as Angela Davis, Thiaguinho, Kondizilla, and Glória Maria.

Interviews with the Biggest in YouTube

Podcast mesacast Podpah A mulher da casa abandonada Mano a Mano Flow Podcast Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
President of Brazil (Candidate at the time) on Flow Podcast

The podcast on YouTube, which features a group of people conversing on-camera, in a stream format, is the most popular, accounting for 42% of podcast streams in Brazil. In 2022, an interview with a candidate for the Brazilian elections on Flow Podcast broke the record for simultaneous YouTube views, surpassing viewership for television channels.

There are over 60,534 Portuguese podcasts, including 20,780 from Brazil. Brazilians spend an average of one hour a day listening to podcasts. 66% of Brazilians listen to podcasts for information, 49% for entertainment, and 32% for educational purposes. Podcasts have become a substitute for traditional media, such as television or radio, for many Brazilians.

Overall, the podcast market in Brazil presents great growth potential and can be a valuable investment in digital marketing. However, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate production and content dissemination strategies to ensure success.

How the podcast in Brazil can boost your company

Brazilian podcast listeners are discerning and demand high-quality content that aligns with their interests. Furthermore, they tend to be receptive to product and service recommendations promoted within podcasts, making it a powerful marketing channel. The podcast market in Brazil has shown consistent growth since 2018 and continues to expand at a remarkable pace.

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