Ramon: getting recognized by Tiktok after 10 years of hard work

TikTok is known for its flashy, dance-filled videos, and diverse content, but Ramon broke the mold by sharing his simple way of life with his followers. His authenticity and joyful approach to life captivated his audience and touched their hearts. By showcasing the beauty of simplicity, Ramon has become a relatable and beloved figure on the platform.

Ramon is a popular personality on social media, with over 11M followers on TikTok and 2M on Instagram; he got everyone’s eyes on him.

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Post by Ramon Vitor on winning the TikTok awards on Instagram.

Making his own way in the online world

Ramon Vitor began his career at the young age of 11 on the extinct video platform Vine. He shared snippets of his life while residing in São Paulo. After acquiring a camera, he began recording his daily life and soon developed a passion for editing and producing content.

The influencer likely improved his video editing skills, specifically in transitions, by using the video platform Musica.ly, which later rebranded as TikTok in 2017.

I was the second Brazilian to join the app. They didn’t have an actual office here in Brazil at the time. As Vine had already been extinct, Musica.ly was my salvation and I liked to create content. In 2015 I already knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Ramon Vitor’s interview for Yahoo! Vida e Estilo(2022).

Ramon became deeply invested in the content creation process on the video platform and made a significant effort to balance his content creation with his studies. He shared that his content helped him overcome bullying and that he sacrificed some aspects of his teenage years in order to fully dedicate himself to recording and creating videos. Despite this, he believed that his time to succeed would come in the future.

Despite presenting a positive and optimistic image in his content, Ramon had a strained relationship with his father. At the end of his high school years, Ramon received a scholarship to study abroad in the USA, but his father did not allow him to go. His relationship with his father reached a breaking point, and Ramon had to make a difficult decision. Within a week, he came out to his father as gay and left his home to live independently.

Fascinating everyone by just cleaning his house

The influencer faced new challenges as he began his independent life, such as dealing with bills and paying for expenses without a steady source of income. He struggled with basic necessities, such as going 6 months without an oven and 7 months without a sink. He had to find creative solutions to continue with his daily life and make food with an electric cooker

Many people may have viewed Ramon’s struggles as a desperate situation, but he chose to see it as an opportunity to create and share content. He realized that he couldn’t wait for the perfect circumstances to begin recording and decided to share his reality on the internet. He used this difficult time in his life as a way to connect with his audience and share his experiences, struggles, and how he overcome them.

@ramonvitor JÁ LIMPANDO A CASINHA LOGO DE MANHÃ PRA DEIXAR O DO DIA LIVRE ❤️ • @Brilhante_brasil #brimesurpreende #momentobrilhante ♬ som original – ramonvitor

Ramon shared a variety of everyday moments from his life on the internet, such as cleaning his house, making repairs, taking care of his pets, and other simple yet relatable activities. By sharing these moments, he was able to connect with his audience in a more personal and authentic way, as they could relate to the tasks and struggles he was sharing

The influencer’s TikTok videos have been very popular, often getting over 10M. Many people see him as a humble and gentle person, who is relatable and down to earth, with this he creates a strong connection with his followers.

TikTok Awards: The rise

The second edition of the TikTok Awards 2022 was held in December in São Paulo, Brazil. The awards recognized the platform’s top content creators in various categories such as fashion, beauty, music, humor, and more.

The event was hosted by popular Brazilian personalities Sabrina Sato, Pedro Sampaio, and Raphael Vicente, and featured musical performances by notable artists such as Gilberto Gil, João Gomes, Dilsinho, and the British band Gorillaz. This event was attended by many famous TikTok creators, fans, and media personalities.

Ramon’s hard work as a content creator over the past 10 years has paid off, as he has become a beloved celebrity by simply being himself. His authenticity and relatable content was recognized by TikTok, which awarded him with the “entregou tudo na for you” (served on for you) award, which is a recognition of the hard work, dedication and impact that he has on the platform.

He has proven that success can come from being true to oneself and representing oneself authentically. His simple way of life and kind personality have helped him to stand out and become a well-known and respected figure in the online community.

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