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WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT ​from bold creators club

Bold Creators Club will guide you through the whole process of organising your influencer marketing campaign. We, as a leading influencer agency, have the needed expertise to penetrate a huge market such as the Brazilian one through the use of our influencer network. Some of the services we are able to provide to our customers are: 

  • Influencer marketing campaign strategy definition,
  • Support in the choice of the right influencers for the campaign’s needs,
  • Our expertise in the Brazilian market at your disposal for the definition of your influencer marketing campaign targets and
  • Influencer marketing campaign analysis and constant support through our customised KPIs.
So get in touch with us to discover how to build an influencer campaign and how to start the perfect influencer marketing operation from scratch. 
Influencer marketing campaign strategy
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thought-out influencer marketing strategy

How to plan an influencer marketing campaign

Bold Creators Club is a global influencer agency which develops holistic influencer marketing strategies on a global scale.
We develop innovative concepts that always center around Brazilian Instagrammers, TikTokkers and YouTubers and have long-term potential.
From then on, we create a fitted strategy.
From social media campaigns to brand activations, we make sure to maximise the impact of your brand message through top Brazilian influencers.

We will provide you with influencer campaign examples, ideas and marketing proposals and will also help you to select the best influencer campaign platforms for you to use. Then, we’ll show you what results you can generally expect from a Brazilian influencer marketing campaign.

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precise tracking & measurement

How to measure and track influencer marketing campaigns

Bold Creators Club handles it all: From influencer marketing strategy definition over campaign realisation to measuring and reporting all results – we make sure that everything is done diligently.

All of our campaigns are tailored to your goals. We set KPIs for our clients’ influencer marketing campaigns that are based on measurements we carry out before we’ve even started.
That’s how Bold Creators Club guarantees success – we make sure that you exactly know where we are at, with the help of real-time analytics.

As a global influencer agency, we measure and track the influencer campaign from start to finish to provide you with transparent, tangible insights and metrics.

accurate influencer matching

How to choose the perfect influencer for your needs

Bold Creators Club’s portfolio includes creative Brazilian YouTubers and flourishing Brazilian Instagrammers that can help you engage your target audiences.
Based on your brand goals, we propose the top Brazilian influencers to you.

As a global influencer agency, we will find your perfect fit -whether that means identifying influencers in niche segments or securing long-term ambassadors.

Bold Creators Club connects you with top Brazilian influencers for your influencer marketing strategy – who engage people to talk and act.


emerging in Brazil

Salient content from top brazilian influencers

True influence makes movements, which is why we signed only the most talented Brazilian TikTokkers, Instagrammers and YouTubers – so your message really resonates.
From our experience as a global influencer agency, we know how to handle creators and provide them the perfect mix between freedom and guidelines.
Our content strategies ensure that the top Brazilian influencers can express their creativity in order to be authentic on the platforms where they have the most impact.

We don’t do advertising in Brazil – we create stories to remember.

Campaña de marketing de influenciadores: medición y monitorización

BCC is your global influencer agency,
specialized in Brazilian YouTubers and Instagrammers

Bold Creators Club targets brands who want to explore the growing Brazilian influencer market and seek for a strong partner in South America. We are the link between South America’s influencers and the rest of the world.
Bold Creators Club has two offices in Germany and Brazil. This enables us to communicate with brands around the world in their usual business hours and to deliver outstanding work in a short time.
The German office on the one hand handles:

  • Campaign planning,
  • Influencer marketing strategies,
  • Business and accounting and
  • the measurement and tracking of the campaigns.

On the other hand, our influencers have meetings in the Brazilian office to execute the campaigns. This process allows a smooth and efficient workflow.

Even though TikTok is becoming more and more important, the key strengths of Bold Creators Club are outstanding Brazilian Instagrammers and YouTubers. As a global influencer agency, Bold Creators Club launched a variety of campaigns in Mexico, the UK and the Netherlands, Germany, France and the US.
Because of the growing interest in top Brazilian influencers, Bold Creators Club decided to shift its focus to South America.

As a global influencer agency, we experienced what makes Brazilian YouTubers and Instagrammers so unique: It is the enormous audience and the astonishing engagement rate the influencers get. Unlike in Europe and the US, the engagement rate doesn’t necessarily drop for influencers with more than one million followers – to get a better idea, have a look at our top Brazilian influencers.

Every campaign of advertising in Brazil is as unique as every brand. We would be happy to have a quick (noncommittal) discussion about your objectives in Brazil and how Bold Creators Club can help you reach them!