Sthefane Matos: get to know one of the most unique influencers in Brazil

Sthefane Matos is a social media star, born in Bahia. Her biggest platform is Instagram, where she has 9 million followers, and she shares beauty and fashion content, as well as her daily life with her son, Apolo.

Sthefane Matos was born on October 29, 1999, making her a Scorpio. 

Sthefane Matos started posting videos on YouTube in 2016. She posts videos of her everyday life, from the mundane to the more exciting. She also posts pictures and videos on Instagram of her everyday life, as well as tips on fashion, beauty, skincare, and hair care.

Sthefane Matos: get to know one of the biggest influencers in Brazil
Source: sthefanematos

She did not take long to expand her fame to her son Apolo, now three years old. One of her most successful videos on YouTube is called ‘My Girlfriend is Pregnant?’, recorded with her ex-boyfriend, Abner Pinheiro.

The Bahian starred in a controversial breakup in 2020 when she caught her then-partner, Abner Santos, with another woman. She exposed the affair on social media.

In February 2020, the influencer underwent nose surgery. However, she did not like the result because she had a botched procedure that deformed her nose.

Sthefane Matos and A Fazenda

In 2021, Sthefane entered the reality show “The Farm”. Sthe Matos was one of the people who grew up on the show.

In the beginning, she didn’t get too involved in the subjects. However, she came into prominence after sleeping in the same bed with Dynho and Mileide. This situation caused a lot of buzz on Twitter because of the relationship status of both. At the time, the Bahian was engaged to the influencer Victor Igoh. After controversies involving Sthe’s name and that of other participants in the house, Victor decided to put an end to the relationship.

Sthefane Matos A fazenda
Source: sthefanematos

The influencer was hospitalized in March 2022 due to a bleed on her brain, but fortunately, it was nothing more than a scare.

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