“Take a break” Instagram’s new feature, Universal Music and Twitch, and Amazon: the news of the digital world

From “Take a break”, Instagram’s new feature, to the new partnership between Universal Music and the platforms Twitch and Amazon Music, and ending with the new 3D option while buying furniture. The best news of the digital world from the past week are here.

New “Take A Break” feature is added to Instagram

Instagram has introduced a new feature that will help users log off after they’ve spent too much time on the app. The company recently rolled out this update in multiple countries.

“Take A Break” will tell users to stop scrolling and take a break from the app.

Instagram has enough tools to help people use the app less often. But this is not something we have come to expect from Meta (formerly Facebook). The problem of “doom scrolling” has not been addressed by other social media apps. The feature builds on the “Daily Limit” feature that helps Instagram users manage their time more effectively.

Meta, the company that owns Instagram, has been in the news because some people think that social media is bad for young kids. There have been leaks from the company that show they know how Instagram can affect teenagers’ self-image and mental health, especially girls.

"Take a break" Instagram's new feature, Universal Music and Twitch, and Amazon: the news of the digital world
Image Source: Instagram

Universal Music partners with Amazon Music and Twitch

Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s largest music company, has announced an expansion of its agreements with Twitch and Amazon Music.

The expanded agreements will give customers access to some of the world’s most popular music content on Amazon, including live streams, high quality and spatial audio, artist merchandise, and exclusive experiences with UMG’s industry-leading roster of artists from around the world. Twitch and UMG will work together to help artists and labels find new ways to connect with their fans. This will include new opportunities for artists and labels to engage with their fans in innovative ways that are both creative and profitable.

With the breadth of their music services and products, and their dedicated focus on customers and creators, Amazon Music and Twitch are excellent strategic collaborators, committed to creating the best and most diverse experiences for fans across streaming music, live streaming, artist collaborations, and physical merchandise. With these agreements, we are proud to build on our track record of success in working closely with Amazon, and we’re looking forward to delivering even more incredible experiences for our artists and music fans everywhere.

Michael Nash, EVP, Digital Strategy, Universal Music Group.

People who subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited will now be able to stream more music in high definition, ultra-high-definition, and with spatial audio from UMG’s large catalog. Amazon Music and UMG will also continue to work together to improve the fan experience when discovering and buying authentic merchandise from their favorite artists.

Take a break Instagram Universal Music and Twitch
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Amazon is using Substance 3D to create immersive shopping experiences

With augmented reality, you might be able to shop for furniture by bringing a dozen sofas into your house and comparing how they look in your living room. This type of virtual shopping might be closer than you think. Amazon is a leading company in the online retail industry. It uses technology to bring shoppers closer to products. Amazon has set up the 3D Digital Studios within the Amazon Development Center to help it reach its goals.

Today, more than 400 artists from all over the world create photorealistic 3D assets for key product categories, including furniture and fittings. They also plan to expand to home gyms and home appliances, as well as soft line categories such as clothing, purses, wallets, and more.

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