TikTok unites with TNT Sports to broadcast football games on the app

TikTok and TNT Sports announce an innovative partnership in Brazil to expand the way fans follow UEFA Champions League. TikTok unites with TNT Sports, a WarnerMedia sports content brand for exclusive access into Latin American markets, where they’ll offer users unparalleled coverage through short-form videos via Tiktok Celebrations.

This means not only more opportunities than ever before – but truly immersive experiences as well: viewers will be able to enjoy behind-the-scenes looks at matches from all around Europe while giving them something else than silly cat clips or makeup tutorials.

TikTok unites with TNT Sports to broadcast football games on the app
TikTok unites with TNT Sports to broadcast football games on the app

The two brands will turbocharge content throughout the championship, launching a unique second-screen experience on each match day that includes live highlights of every game and goal scored.

This partnership is a way for TikTok fans to get caught up on all the key moments in Champions’ history, as well as trends and challenges that will encourage them to show their support. And TNT Sports is a great platform for this. This first-of-its-kind between brands has been extremely successful following UEFA Euro 2020 which makes it an exciting time ahead!

TikTok unites with TNT Sports
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The 67th season of the Champions League promises to be like no other, with several teams vying for a coveted trophy. With legendary players such as Messi and Ronaldo returning this year wearing new jerseys alongside them- along with passionate fans cheering from each stadium -the games should give us some amazing football!

The UEFA Champions League season is back with a full and exclusive broadcast on HBO Max, as well as select matches available to stream live or for delayed viewing. With an exceptional team of top-quality talent that includes correspondents, pregame coverage will keep fans excited before they tune into the games themselves beginning this month!

It is not the first time TikTok unites to football

TikTok was the first digital entertainment platform to partner with UEFA EURO, aiming to become a place for soccer fans to share their passion for the tournament.

Through its partnership with UEFA, TikTok consolidated its reputation as the place where fans share their passion for soccer and attracted new audiences. As an official partner of this prestigious organization that generates billions in revenue every year through merchandising partnerships alone, it has been a win-win situation all around!

TikTok unites with TNT Sports
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The growth of football on TikTok is a great example of how the platform has been able to bring people closer together through live streams and exclusive content.

The beautiful game has been played for centuries and continues to be a uniting phenomenon. One such example of this unity is when #Football generated over 66 billion views worldwide on the app.

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