TikTok is testing an option that lets you pin a selected video to the top of your profile

TikTok is testing new feature

It’s been less than a month since TikTok released their latest update and they’re already making changes. In this week’s beta release, TikTok is testing an option that lets you pin a selected video to the top of your feed. This new feature will make it easier for marketers to reach more people with engaging content. With more videos in your feed, you’ll never miss out on trending content again! 

The social media expert, Matt Navarra, shared this tweet on his account. Users can now pin clips at the top of their profile grid, so you’ll be able to prominently showcase your work or latest promotions.

Matt Navarra, social media expert

TikTok is testing the new interface for watching clips is a great way to build your profile and maximize engagement. You can pin up to three videos, taking up the whole top line in your display which provides another strategic opportunity to help you get noticed by putting attention on what matters most – our work!

This will give social media managers and users more control over how their content is displayed. It’s a logical addition for Tik Tok as it currently offers some form of “posting” in most other popular apps like Instagram with similar options allowing visitors greater immersion into one’s life via non-stop scrolling or live video chats – all while avoiding the boredom that can come from reading lengthy captions detailing every mundane detail on an individual profile page! 

As TikTok gains traction, it will be common to see that TikTok is testing new features almost every week.

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