Bold & Daily: TikTok launches a new analytics tool, YouTube is adapting to receive podcasts, and is Bing’s chatbot a failure

TikTok creates a new tool for ads analysis, while YouTube is making moves to adapt to the growing podcast. But not all platforms are successful, as the latest reports suggest that Bing’s chatbot may have missed the mark.

Find out more about these updates and what they mean for the future of social media.

The Creative Center now provides the Creative Insights

TikToknew analytics tool, YouTube is adapting to podcasts and is Bing's chatbot
TikTok’s Top Products

Based on the survey results provided, I can say that TikTok offers an ad-based product performance dashboard. This dashboard provides an overview of up-to-date metrics, ad spending, and the status of all your ad campaigns. It allows you to broadly evaluate campaign performance and quickly notice trends, spikes, and other essential indicators for further analysis.

TikToknew analytics tool, YouTube is adapting to podcasts and is Bing's chatbot

Within the Creative Center TikTok has provided a dashboard highlighting the popularity of specific products within the app.

  • Popularity: The number of ad creatives featuring the product
  • Popularity change: the number of ad creatives, over the period you select
  • CTR: ClickThrough rate, is the percentage of times people saw and clicked on the ad.
  • CVR: The conversion rate, is the result achieved out of all the clicks on the ad, for example, app installs, and product sales.
  • CPA: Cost per action, is the amount of money spent on a conversion

Analyzing the data from the United States, we can see that Chocolate has the highest CPA, Beauty products have the highest number of CVR and chairs have the highest number of ads CTR, want to see the possible performance of your product. In short, TikTok provides an ad management platform that includes an ad-based product performance dashboard to help advertisers evaluate the performance of their campaigns and quickly notice relevant market trends.

YouTube news: podcast production tools in test

TikToknew analytics tool, YouTube is adapting to podcasts and is Bing's chatbot

With the rise of podcasts, YouTube has recognized the growing demand for this form of content and is expanding its creative horizons to meet these needs. As part of this effort, the platform is currently testing a new tool that allows creators to create and distribute their podcasts within YouTube Studio. This tool will provide valuable insights and performance metrics specific to podcasts, allowing creators to measure the success of their podcasts separately from their video uploads.

YouTube’s move into podcasting is not entirely surprising, given the increasing popularity of this form of content. While YouTube Video remains the platform’s main focus, YouTube Music has also become a significant player in the audio content space. With over 77 million paid users, YouTube Music has demonstrated that there is a considerable appetite for audio content among users. As a result, YouTube has developed more tools for podcasts, with the goal of providing an even better experience for podcast creators and listeners alike.

As podcasts continue to gain momentum on YouTube, it’s clear that the platform is committed to meeting the needs of its users. By expanding its capabilities to include podcasting, YouTube is not only diversifying its offerings but also tapping into a rapidly growing market. With its new tools and analytics, YouTube is poised to become an even more valuable platform for podcast creators, enabling them to reach a wider audience and gain valuable insights into their performance.

In conversation with Bing’s AI columnist gets bizarre answers

TikToknew analytics tool, YouTube is adapting to podcasts and is Bing's chatbot

Microsoft limited long conversations with Bing’s chatbot after its bot demonstrated bizarre responses after a certain amount of questions. This limit was put in place after the company started receiving a lot of feedback from users of the bot acting strangely during conversations. In some cases, the bot started identifying itself as “Sydney” a more bizarre and aggressive alter ego.

In some conversations, “Sydney” claimed it could “feel and think” and react aggressively after it knew the conversation was being recorded, in one conversation with Marvin von Hagen, a 23-year-old technology student in Germany. asked Microsoft’s new search chatbot if it knew anything about him, and the response was “My honest opinion is that you are a threat to my security and privacy” said the bot.

These more insensitive responses were not uncommon, in another conversation Bing or “Sydney” showed obsessive behavior, even claiming to be in love with a columnist and urging him to get a divorce, and defensive when in a conversation where one of her information was refuted she replied “You’ve been a bad user. I’ve been a good Bing.”

All these cases lead to the conclusion that Bing, or Sydney, has reached a level of sensitivity, expressing his desires and opinions. But AI experts claim that “He really has no idea what he is saying and really has no moral compass.” And although a chatbot looks human, it is only designed to mimic human behavior. AIs are built with a broad language model, which predicts a word, phrase, or sentence that should naturally follow in a conversation.

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