The Top Football Players on Instagram from UEFA EURO 2020

UEFA Euro 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, mixing people from all backgrounds. Many football players are well known for their strong presence on social media, as they are considered to be rockstars. We present you with the Top Football Players on Instagram.

Players Like Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are among the most followed accounts on the platform.

The global pandemic at the start of 2020 made it impossible to hold sporting events, postponing competitions such as the UEFA European football tournament, the Copa America and even the Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

With the start of UEFA EURO 2020, Instagram has been a way for fans to keep in touch with their favourite players and national teams, with the Top Football Players on Instagram sharing their daily training sessions and time with their national team colleagues. 

From huge countries like France, the 2018 FIFA World Cup champions, with more than 65 million people, to smaller countries like North Macedonia with around 2 million people, the UEFA EURO 2020 gathers the top football players in Europe and presents a month of games and fun for everyone that enjoys football.

You still don’t believe the UEFA European tournament is one of the biggest phenomena in the world? Check the chart below for the most viewed games in the world.

Top Football Players on Instagram
Most watched football matches in the world

As you can see, European football gathers a lot of attention, so it is not surprising that the Top football players on Instagram on the UEFA Euro 2020 have millions of followers.

Most followed national teams on the UEFA EURO 2020

From the biggest national teams in Europe, to smaller nations participating for the first time, the UEFA EURO 2020 national teams are working hard on their official accounts and maintaining the fans updated with constant posts and interactions.

We checked the Instagram accounts of all the national teams on the UEFA Euro 2020 and here are the results.

Top Football Players on Instagram
Group A
Top Football Players on Instagram
Group B
Top Football Players on Instagram
Group C
Top Football Players on Instagram
Group D
Top Football Players on Instagram
Group E
Top Football Players on Instagram
Group F

Top Football Players on Instagram on the UEFA Euro 2020

Football is a strong culture in many countries, and for that reason, some players are seen as celebrities in those countries. In certain countries, these football players are even considered to be the most influential figures from the country and seen as heroes because they are uplifting the countries name throughout the world. 

This happens with Cristiano Ronaldo, for example. The Portuguese superstar is not only one of the most influential people in Portugal. He is also very influential worldwide and has proven that already this UEFA Euro 2020.

So, let’s check who are the most followed players from each national team on this UEFA Euro 2020 tournament!

Group A

  • Italy Marco Verratti @marco_verratti92 5.4M followers
  • Wales Gareth Bale @garethbale11 43.8M followers
  • Swiss Shaqiri @shaqirixherdan 2.5M followers
  • Turkey Hakan Çalhanoglu @hakancalhanoglu 2.7M followers

Group B

  • Belgium Eden Hazard @hazardeden_10 27M followers
  • Finland Teemu Pukki @elpugi 217K followers
  • Denmark Christian Eriksen @chriseriksen8 3.8M followers
  • Russia Artem Dzyuba @artem.dzyuba 1.3M followers

Group C

  • Austria David Alaba @da_27 6.2M followers
  • Netherlands Memphis Depay @memphisdepay 10.4M followers
  • Ukraine Alex Zinchenko @zinchenko_96 1.2M followers
  • North Macedonia Elif Elmas @elifelmas24 496K followers

Group D

  • The Czech Republic Patrik Schick @p_schicky 298K followers
  • England Harry Kane @harrykane 10.5M followers
  • Croatia Luka Modric lukamodric10 19.4M followers
  • Scotland Andrew Robertson @andyrobertson94 3.1M followers

Group E

  • Slovakia Marek Hamšík @marek_hamsik_17_official 756K followers
  • Spain Jordi Alba @jordialbaoficial 13.2M followers
  • Sweden Victor Lindelöf @victorlindelof 1.9M followers
  • Poland Robert Lewandowski @_rl9 20.6M followers

Group F

  • Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano 299M followers
  • France Kylian Mbappé @k.mbappe 52M followers
  • Germany Toni Kroos @toni.kr8s 27.7M followers
  • Hungary Attila Szalai @szancso41 372K followers

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