7 reasons for your company to invest in an Influencer Marketing strategy

Influencer Marketing strategy

It is a growing fad for companies to develop an influencer marketing strategy, whether it’s a small or large corporation. This kind of marketing is evolving so much that brands that are not already investing in influencer marketing are risking the loss of a significant market share.

Daily our social feed is comprising of posts telling us how to eat healthily, take care of our skin, or even have better relationships. When we make our purchasing, decisions based on such kind referrals or word-of-mouth advertising, we inevitably become a part of the influencer marketing phenomenon. The audience of successful influencers, ones who possess knowledge and experience in their respective field receive something of value along the way. We are the product for an influencer marketing strategy.

reasons for your company to invest in an Influencer Marketing strategy
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It is very crucial for brands to understand the underlying idea of influencer marketing. Gone are the days of TV commercials that comprise actors endorsing a brand. It is now a period for influencer marketing which is based on key individuals who create content that sparks conversation and a desire to purchase. Consumers today seek recommendations from people, rather than endorsements on TV commercials.

How can an influencer marketing strategy help your brand?

Building Trust

Finding ways to make your brand get the maximum traction on the internet is easy when there is positive exposure from a respected voice. The voice from the influencer is necessary because it not only makes the consumers take notice of your brand but also remember it for a longer period.

According to a survey, approximately 92% of the consumer’s trust word-of-mouth or referrals than on other types of media. An Influencer marketing strategy is one such advertising which will go a long way to build long-term trust among the consumers.

reasons for your company to invest in an Influencer Marketing strategy
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Hit the Right Audience

What makes an influencer marketing strategy so special is its ability to hit the right audience. The audience of influencers is warmed up one which is open to your brand type of products and the industry you operate in.
The idea is to not only target the right audience but also a warm audience, one which is receptive and ready to initiate a buying behaviour.

influencer marketing strategy
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SEO Rankings

 Along with being an effective standalone sales pitch, influencer marketing helps improve the SEO rankings of your brand. This is primarily because the more influencers will talk about your brand, the more awareness about our brand increases.

SEO is affected positively in many ways, such as:

  • New and fresh content about your brand and its products and services increases visibility and engagement.
  • There is an increased chance of sharing your posts, links, and content that mentions your product. The more times your brand name or product is mentioned across social media channels, the chances of receiving a higher rating on Google (the ultimate aim of search engine optimization.)
influencer marketing strategy
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Accelerated Growth Rate

As against conventional marketing which is expensive in terms of both, time and money, influencer marketing makes twice as many sales through display advertising with a retention rate that is 37% higher. This proves, investing in influencer marketing not captures the attention of customers but helps retain them too.

influencer marketing strategy
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Shifting Trends

The preferences of consumers have been shifting. They are more likely to browse on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook than ads sections of their local newspapers. In order to sustain your brand in the market, it is very important to build it on social media platforms

Eye-Catching Content

With a shifting focus on content published online, viewers expect varied content- infographics, videos, and written content by their preferred bloggers. This helps your brand in two ways – getting recognition from your audience through the influencers and improving your SEO rankings and popularity.

influencer marketing strategy
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When comparing the ROI and the cost, if there is a growth in ROI, the initial cost should not be of prime importance. Influencer marketing is highly recommended as it both cost-effective and gives a decent ROI.

The cost of an influencer depends very much on them and there are several ways they can be paid off- cash, commission on sales made through them, or gifts or goods in return.

Bold Creators Club can help you with your influencer marketing strategy

The benefits of investing in an influencer marketing strategy are muti-fold and there is no doubt in the fact that the brand which would hesitate in investing in influencer marketing will be left behind in the race. To take an edge in the market, it is very important to grow your brand roots on online platforms. To know more about how influencer marketing can be good for your brand, contact our influencer management team.