Why is social commerce the future?

Social commerce

The best fashion influencers and the biggest brands are boosting the markets of social commerce and brands are aware of this phenomenon. Social commerce is already the present and will be the future of shopping.

But what is social commerce?

By the definition, social commerce is considered as the process of selling products on social media directly, without even needing to leave the platform.

social commerce the future
source: Brooke Lars

This is a process that starts when a user first sees the product on a platform, like Instagram or TikTok, and proceeds to look for more information about the product, checking different colours and sizes, and buying it directly from the platform.

Social commerce is an evolving phenomenon that is leading social media platforms to evolve in the search for the maximum optimization of the features, adding features like “buy now” or autofill payments, facilitating the process of buying and encouraging users to check and buy more products.

Why is social commerce growing?

This is a point of discussion that doesn’t necessarily have a direct answer. The truth is that there are many factors that may be the cause of the tremendous growth of social commerce in the past years.

social commerce the future
source: Carlos Muza

The main factors are:

  1. The number of social media and advertising  platforms is growing;
  2. The shopping experience is more simple and faster;
  3. The time spent on social media has grown;
  4. Influencers are playing an active role in advertising products or services on their platforms.

All these factors combined lead to the growth of social commerce, with the main categories being apparel and accessories.

social commerce the future
source: Marcus Winkler

Where is social commerce happening?

As stated previously, social commerce happens in social media, but online retailing is bigger than only the platforms we know and love so much. 

So where can users check and buy products?


An online marketplace can be defined by two key features:

  1. Sellers and buyers trading through the same website;
  2. The process of buying can be done without even leaving the platform.

The biggest marketplaces in 2021 are:

social commerce the future
source: The World’s Top Online Marketplaces 2021

Social media platforms

Social media platforms are already creating their own marketplaces inside the platforms in order to gain a share of the big boost of online shopping. 

Facebook developed the Marketplace tab that allows users to post ads and check for used goods and even services and also launched the features Facebook Shop, used by companies to sell their products directly on Facebook. Livestreaming eCommerce is also very common on the platform, specifically among small businesses.

social commerce the future
source: Agência de bolso

Instagram developed Instagram shopping, a tool that allows brands to create a virtual showcase within the app that allows visitors to check price, colours and has direct access to the products’ website page or even Instagram checkout.

According to Instagram itself, 70% of fashion enthusiasts visit the platform to check for new products, and 87% of users say that they are influenced by what they see on their feed. 

social commerce the future
source: Yanalya

TikTok is also important for the progress on eCommerce and social commerce, with the number of niches growing and allowing brands to use influencers on the platform to promote their products. TikTok and Walmart established a partnership on an event with 10 influencers presenting products in December 2020.

Bold Creators Club can help your brand on social media commerce

Social media has millions of users engaging, sharing and being influenced by what they see on their feed, and brands acknowledge that.

It is important for them not only to work closely with influencers to reach their followers, but it is also important to have a good social media presence, with a clear strategy. This way, users will have the need to follow the brand’s Instagram account and will check the products more often. 

Creating a good marketing strategy for social media is crucial if a brand wants to survive, as the transition between physical and digital has accelerated, especially with the pandemic and all the physical stores closing indefinitely. But we know that doing this is not easy.

Before implementing a social media strategy in Brazil, that are some problems you must deal with like logistics, social and political problems that can become barriers in the future. That is why partnering with an agency may be the solution. 

At Bold Creators Club, we are always aware of what the biggest Brazilian brands are doing and how they are succeeding on all platforms.

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