3 reasons to work with a Brazilian influencers agency on authentic talent management

Brazilian influencers agency

Influencer marketing has been the key choice for companies that want to advertise in a new market and almost every B2C brand already has a yearly budget for influencer marketing. A Brazilian influencer agency is a valuable partner for every brand that wants to enter the Brazilian market. 

A Brazilian influencers agency will define a strategy that encompasses talent management, so it’s important to understand what is talent management.

Talent management is a process of connecting talent with the right chore for him, helping him grow. This happens in companies when Human resources catch the right person for a certain job at the company. 

With influencers, this is not very different.

A talent manager for an influencer’s company is the person that connects the best influencers with brands that will help him grow and have visions and values compatible with his.

The process is not simple. It starts with identifying the best influencers and the ones that are performing at a better level, sorting the best opportunities for them and helping them decide which ones will help them grow, develop their skills and help them to achieve their goals.

Talent management requires hours of planning and strategy

Costs of a partnership with a Brazilian influencers agency for talent management

Talent management doesn’t come without costs. The job of connecting the right people with the right brands involves a lot of time and research.

The main goal for a Brazilian influencers agency is to make sure that the influencer gets the best rating possible. This is not only good for the influencer but also for the company, as they get a bigger commission. 

A brand working with an agency may only want to connect with the influencer, so in this case, the agency will be in charge of schedules, logistics and legal requirements. A Brazilian influencers agency is also able to develop marketing plans and work alongside companies and influencers, being the bridge that facilitates communication. It also offers a database with many options of influencers that the company can choose from that will suit their strategy better. 

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Why choose a Brazilian influencers agency to work with your brand?

There are a few important steps that a brand needs to consider before deciding to work with a talent management agency. 

First, it is important to look for previous works or case studies. This way you will make sure that the influencers are producing good-quality content for other brands, therefore they are able to produce good content for your brand. 

It is important that brands check the influencers’ status before deciding to work with them

It is also important to already know what you want. If you only want to connect with an influencer, presenting your budget and your campaign plan will be better. If you intend to work alongside the agency to develop a plan, present your budget and a creative briefing. This will create a transparent relationship between all parties involved. 

The job of a Brazilian influencers agency in talent management

All influencers agencies must have a strong strategy to present to both influencers and brands. This involves some points that are important to have at all times, so people understand why partnering with an agency is the best option. 

Perfect Match

One of the most important parts of talent management is to make sure that the influencers find and work with the best brands. This means finding deals with brands that have similar values and culture. 

For example, the best matching for a vegan influencer are brands known as cruelty-free, sustainable and eco-friendly. 

It is important that this happens so the relationship between influencer and company runs smoothly.

Creative Briefing

Briefings are an important part of influencer marketing campaigns. Many times brands will present a very basic briefing that does not answer most of the questions it should. If the influencers’ agency is not well prepared, this will be a bigger problem in the future, as the briefing doesn’t specify certain topics.

It is important that the briefing contains information about:

  1. Brand’s objectives. What the brand wants to accomplish, what are their goals. This can be “gain brand recognition” or “improve sales” or even “enter a new market”.
  2. Target audience. As every brand has a target audience, influencers also have their audiences. Brands need to make sure whom they target before deciding the influencer they want to work with.
  3. Work’s scope. It is important that the communication between the brand and the influencer is clear. If the brand wants a post that talks about x and y, it is important to transmit it clearly so the influencer understands that the content must include x and y. 
  4. Measuring success. This is the section to be conducted after the campaign. The results of the marketing campaign are important to analyse what went well and what went wrong. Here you can read about how to measure the success of an influencers’ marketing campaign.

Bold Creators Club as a top Brazilian influencers agency

At Bold Creators Club we understand that creating a relationship between brand and the top Brazilian influencers is hard, due to cultural and linguistic differences, while also overviewing the current situation of the country and the market, analyzing every potential deal, and conducting a marketing strategy implementation. 

By considering the low costs of brazilian influencers, partnering with an agency makes more sense as it facilitates and makes the whole process faster. We can give you a better understanding of the opportunities and threats your brand will face in the rapidly growing Brazilian market, creating a bridge between brands and brazilian influencers.