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900 ranks up with < $3,000 investment

Instories had success in Europe, now they want to tackle the growing Brazilian market. We worked with 15 influencers, see here first results.


10,000s of installs for football App

The huge success of teamstr made us believe in Brazilian influencer marketing. Starting from scratch we’ve built a network of great talent.  

P&G Case Study

Procter & Gamble

Empowering Young Brazilian Mothers

Together with P&G, we accompanied famous young Brazilian mothers through their parenthood journey to share their favourite daily products with their millions of fans.

Calvin Klein

São Paulo Wears Their Calvins

Our 5 hottest Brazilian influencers brought their Calvins to the urban streets of São Paulo while hitting up the city’s trendiest spots and their fans can’t get enough of it!


Be Bold, Be You with FOREO

With Eduarda as Aladdin’s Genie, we boosted FOREO’s campaign message: There’s no such thing as over-the-top creativity. This was to inspire artists to boldly create without worrying about clearing their skin as there’s no extremes FOREO products can’t handle!


Happy Baby, Happy Life with PAMPERS

Our famous young Brazilian mothers shared peeks of their new parenthood life with millions of curious fans, revealing top parenting and baby comfort secrets with their most trusted diaper brand PAMPERS.