With < 3,000 USD spent we helped instories to climb 900 ranks

We helped many digital businesses to grow in Brazil through influencer marketing. Brazilian influencers are on average -50% less expensive than American or Mexican creators.

Our selective assessment and experience in launching campaigns helps us to keep engagement high and Costs per Purchase low.

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Selected case study:
instories climbing 900 ranks

instories brings influencers and their followers the perfect tool to create stories, that’s why we teamed up  to launch:



instories wanted to gain market share in Brazil and promote their newest update.
The ease of creating stand-out stories within seconds was perfectly suited for an Instagram story placement.


We partnered with 15 influencers – all of them have exclusive contracts with BCC – to spread the word about the new, easy way of creating blockbuster stories.
The high engagement rates of the influencers (9.1% on average) helped to catapult instories into the top positions of the App store.

Next to pure sales-related results we created awareness among beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers. In particular among the “Brazilian Kardashians”, the 4 sisters of the Drudi family.

Influencers encouraged their fans to give instories a shot which led to the creation of high quality instagram stories all over Brazil.

Some of the influencers we used with instories:
Fact sheet for "Let creators create"

For the instories campaign we invited 15 influencers from Brazil to join our “Feel the game” tourney, with following results:





Engagement rate:
(4.5x industry's standard)

Costs/ Install

Ø $0.51

Industry's standard:
Ø $0.76

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